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Animal rights activist makes malware-infected version of KG Dogfighting

KG Dogfighting

Violence in video games is not rare these days, but it seems a game that involves raising and fighting a dog can really hit a spot for many. KG Dogfighting has been one of the most controversial apps we’ve seen. PETA (along with other animal rights activists) has been against this app due to its graphic nature, which they believe endorses animal cruelty.

Said app was actually removed from the market for a while and returned just a few days ago, with the promise of actually giving part of the profit to animal rescue organizations. While this move could be beneficial to those who care for animals, many were still very unsatisfied with the fact that this app is back in the Android Market.

One (or some) of those avid animal rights activists have decided to take matters into their own hands. Symantec has discovered that a malware-infected version of this app has been created. This app does not take your personal info and credit card numbers, though. It just sends a text to all your contacts with the following message:

I take pleasure in hurting small animals, just thought you should know that.Malware-infected userText Message

After sending the text message to all your contacts, this malware will sign you up to receive news/texts from PETA.

This malware-infected app is not available from the Android Market, though. In order to get the infected KG Dogfighting game, one must download it illegally. As always, we advise that you stick to legal ways of purchasing apps (preferrably the Android Market). Other sources put you at higher risk, and while this malware may not affect your life too badly, others can. The easiest way to identify the malware version is by checking out the app image, which will say PETA instead of BETA.

Needless to say, two wrongs do not make a right. While dogfighting is by no means a good pass-time to practice, many support this app staying on the market. The common arguments include that it’s just a game, or that there are games out there in which you can murder human beings and people do not seem to care as much.

Whether you’re for or against this app, what these people have done is simply not cool. Infecting devices, sending texts to all contacts and signing someone up for a service they did not approve of is simply not right. There are better ways of getting your opinion out there without infringing on people’s smartphones. What’s even more interesting is that PETA seems to approve of these actions.

We don’t know who created this version of the app, but we think it is ingenious. When someone creates a game that glorifies animal abuse, you can bet that people will come up with clever, smart ways to take action against itSpokespersonPETA

Saving animals and improving the world is great, PETA. But are we really going to support malware? I am sure PETA would not like it if someone created an app that made all infected devices send text messages saying bad things about animal rights. We all have our views and are all for making the world a better place. But please, let’s do it in a more mature, civilized manner.

What do you guys think? Was this the wrong approach by the developers of this infected app? Or are users to blame for downloading applications illegally? Do you think this app should stay available in the Andorid market? Let us know what you think!

Via: Phandroid

Source: Symantec

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