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DroidLanding Twitter account rises from the grave; get ready to win some phones

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Every now and then when Verizon releases the next big device in the Droid series, they decide to really build up the hype. I’m not talking about the normal advertising campaigns; I’m talking about DroidLanding. Verizon likes to utilize the DroidLanding Twitter account and DroidDoes website to really drag out a launch event. In doing so, they always end up giving away a ton of phones and gaining a lot of attention.

If you take a look at the DroidLanding Twitter stream today, you’ll see the next chapter in the DroidLanding saga is about to unfurl. And this time, the main attraction is the Droid Bionic. Verizon has handed out press kits to BGR, BoingBoing, Joystiq and Android Central that contain codes for unlocking special content on Once all four codes have been “entered,” a video will be completely unlocked that details how the Droid Bionic launch will play out. So far, 52 percent of the video has been unlocked. Not much has been detailed in that 52 percent, but we do know people will be scrambling to play a game with 768 chances to win. We can only assume some of those “chances” are bound to be Droid Bionics.

If you want to get in on the action, head over to Twitter and follow the DroidLanding account. To check out the progress on the video unlocking, visit

I know a lot of you have said you’re going to skip out on the Bionic and wait for the Nexus. But if you won one, would you use it?

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