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HTC bootloader unlocking tool released for Euro Sensation

HTC Unlock process

The people’s mighty victory over HTC’s locked bootloaders was huge news, but we haven’t seen much happening yet. Even though HTC promised to no longer lock bootloaders, many of you are still holding shiny EVO 3Ds and Sensations that are locked. Staying true to their promise, HTC has finally started to get the job done. European Sensation users are now able to unlock their devices.

Do take into account that this is for the European Sensation. American users are surely getting this treatment soon, though. There are two dedicated sections for the Sprint EVO 3D and the T-Mobile Sensation just waiting to go live.

Those who wish to unlock their devices should also know you’d pretty much be on your own; HTC’s disclaimer states this process may void all or part of your warranty.

The wording is quite confusing. It seems HTC doesn’t specify what the deal is really like. According to the statement, you might be able to keep the warranty after the unlock process; but at the same time, you might not. The “all or part of your warranty” should be more specific. Maybe it depends on the carrier/country? But those interested in unlocking their phones probably aren’t too worried about their warranty, anyway.

So, there you go, European Sensation users! Follow HTC’s tutorial if you want to unlock your device’s bootloader. As for us in America, we should probably get our own treat sometime soon. Let us know if you’ve done this successfully. How complicated is it? Can the “average user” accomplish unlocking a device without too much hassle? Or is it only for tech nerds? Would you guys mind losing your warranty over an unlocked bootloader?

Via: Android Police

Source: HTCDev

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