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HTC Bliss – the phone for women and men with pink shirts – hits the FCC


The HTC Bliss is back, and it looks like the FCC has given HTC the “all clear” signal they were waiting for to launch the first ever female-centric HTC phone.  As we reported back in May, the HTC Bliss was created in order to target the female demographic, since the look and feel of most Android powered phones are targeted directly at men.  HTC is also expected to release a few new accessories with the HTC Bliss that should appeal to their desired demographic.

The FCC filing for the HTC Bliss doesn’t really give us any new details about the phone, but it does reveal that the HTC Bliss will not be equipped with support for Verizon’s 4G LTE network.  Previous rumors indicated that the HTC Bliss would feature both front and rear facing cameras, an exterior body that is similar to the HTC DROID Incredible 2 (but in a green hue) and a soft-touch rubber casing for a better grip.  Software tweaks on the HTC Bliss include “calming” wallpapers along with shopping and calorie counting apps. Previous rumors also indicated that the HTC Bliss would feature a modified version of HTC Sense 2.5 (the latest version running on HTC’s single-core phones). But the source for this article seems to think the Bliss will have Sense 3.5 .(We’re not exactly sure where they’re getting those details).

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FCC filings typically see the light of day about four to eight weeks before the phones are released. So we should expect to see the HTC Bliss show up in Verizon stores sometime in late September or early October.

Do you think the HTC Bliss is really what women want?  Do women need a phone designed specifically for them? Or does HTC simply need to add a few more skins to HTC Sense and create a few custom cases to satisfy the female demographic?

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Source: FCC

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