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If MOTOKORE replaces MOTOBLUR, will people still hate it?


A simple name tied to a popular company has made its way on to the Internet today, and it’s causing quite a stir. The name is KORE and the company it’s tied to is Motorola.

Appearing online in many different URL configurations, the name MOTOKORE is clearly very important to Motorola. As usual, speculation has already started to pick up, and there’s some rather interesting theories out there as to what MOTOKORE could be. We have our own thoughts on what MOTOKORE is, and you may not like it.

The first major theory is that MOTOKORE is the name of an upcoming device. As in “the Motorola KORE”, or “the MOTOKORE.” There’s no reason why this couldn’t be true, but the fact that,,, and are all registered to Motorola doesn’t make sense compared to past releases. There is no or no And there certainly isn’t a

The next theory, brought up by the readers of DroidLife, is that it’s some combo of Core, Quad-Core and NVIDIA’s Kal-El. This makes sense in a witty way, but again, it’s tied to a device.

Our theory is that MOTOKORE is a service. More specifically, the rebranding of MOTOBLUR.

When it comes to horrible, terrible, buggy, bloated Android overlays, MOTOBLUR (dubbed MOTOBLOAT in a poll on AAM) takes the crown. It makes sense that Motorola would want to officially squash the name. And thanks to an interview with Sanjay Jha, CEO of Motorola Mobility, we know Moto is still working on developing BLUR. Back in June, Jha explained that social networking was going to take a backseat in the future of MOTOBLUR, and that performance was ready to take center stage. If that really is the case, MOTOKORE starts to sound like a great name for Motorola’s custom Android experience. Not to mention something they’d want to protect by buying up any and all URLs associated with it.

We think Motorola will discontinue the BLUR name and relaunch the service as MOTOKORE:  the battery saving, performance enhancing, totally rad Android UI you can’t live without. Or can’t live with. Even though Jha has gone on the record saying that Motorola is anonymously tracking users of MOTOBLUR to help increase performance on future builds of the UI, it might be too late. What if MOTOKORE is just MOTOBLUR with a new name? And even if it is a new super-cool UI with custom widgets, don’t people usually want stock Android anyway?

That brings us to core issue. If MOTOKORE replaces MOTOBLUR, will people still hate it? We could be totally off base here, and MOTOKORE could turn out to be the XOOM2 or something along those lines. But if we’re right, what do you think? Would you still hate it? Is it too soon to judge? Do you think MOTOKORE is something entirely different than anything listed above? Let it all out in the comments below.

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Source: AndroidCommunity

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