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iOS, Blackbery users know more about smartphone security than Android users


Retrevo surveys have been quite interesting lately, and today is no exception. Retrevo surveyed 1,000 people about smartphone security, and found, sadly, that Android users seem to be more ignorant (or careless) about the matter at hand.

This may seem weird to most of us. We’re always talking about security-centric apps and services to keep our Android devices safe. I personally have never heard an iPhone/Blackberry user talk about a service like Lookout or any of the many other apps like it. But it seems they protect their devices more than we thought.

Retrevo covered three parts of smartphone security in this survey:  Protection of personal info/data, virus/malware and device loss recovery. Here are the results:

Interesting numbers. And a sad day for Android fans. According to this survey, less Android users password protect their devices, usually they do not have other security measures to protect their private data, and more of them have done nothing about it. Also, more Android users would not know what to do if they lost their device. And, compared to the other platforms’ users, less would actually use a recovery service (location based).

We have to understand that many Android users are new to the smartphone world. Android provides variety/choice, and the platform is also in many devices–many of which are low-end and, hence, cheaper. Many of those just coming onto the smartphone bandwagon may not know much about smartphone security yet.

What strikes me as more interesting is the fact that so many iPhone owners are worried about viruses and malware. These users would be almost completely safe if they stayed within Apple’s arms (avoid jailbreaking and installing non-App Store apps). Does this mean that more iOS users jailbreak their iPhones and, therefore, need to have them more protected?

So, there you go, guys. It’s time to start letting our fellow Android users know how important it is to protect these smartphones. Android devices are very powerful tools, but can also open the doors to a plethora of dangers. We certainly had very little to no danger with our old feature phones. I know that my life would be completely turned upside down if someone got a hold of the info I have stored on my device. They’d have access to my bank account, multiple email accounts, all of my social networks, and Paypal. And things will get even worst once NFC payment systems come into the game.

So, let’s see how well protected our own readers are. How well do you protect your devices? What apps do you use? Is your phone password protected? Do you actually pay for any services? Sound off in the comments.

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Source: Retrevo

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