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Is T-Mobile’s network killing your battery life?


Here at Android and Me, we’ve recently started receiving a lot of tips from readers saying their phones seem to be dying faster than normal. From what we’ve gathered, starting in late July, phones on T-Mobile’s advanced wireless networks (3G and 4G) just started rapidly losing battery for no reason. At first it seemed the issue was limited to the G2, which meant it could have been related to the recent update to Gingerbread for the device. As time goes on, however, the problem is starting to look like it’s more widespread than that.

Enough people with different devices have complained to T-Mobile for Magenta to start publicly trouble-shooting the problem. Over on the T-Mobile support forums, a thread has gone live asking users a few simple questions to try and help sort the situation out. T-Mobile wants to know:

  • Device make & model
  • Start date on the issue
  • Where are you located (Market, City, State)?
  • Are you in a 2G, 3G or 4G area?
  • When battery indicator shows ‘No Power’ does the device still work or is the power drained?
  • Does “3G only mode” improve the battery drain issue?

After reading through four pages of responses, the problem is just as we thought. Regardless of device, anyone using 3G or 4G is experiencing battery drain. Switching to 2G (EDGE) stops it.

Personally, I use a T-Mobile G2 and I’m supposed to be in a 4G area. At my house I’m stuck on EDGE, so I haven’t spent much time in a 3G or 4G zone. I may have to brave the heat and find somewhere I can put this to the test though. If you’re on T-Mobile, be sure to let us know what your battery life is like in the comments below.

To participate in the survey, head on over to the T-Mobile support forums now.

Source: TmoNews

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