Aug 26 AT 1:27 PM Nick Gray 98 Comments (CLOSED)

Kick out the jams! 50 Google Music Beta invites up for grabs


Google Music is still in closed beta, but that doesn’t mean Google’s trying to keep people out. Just like they did with Google Plus, invitations to Google Music are rolling out slowly. We noticed earlier this week that Google has given us a few extra invitations, so we’ve decided to pass them on to you.

Simply leave a comment below with your email address and we’ll send you an invitation to Google Music Beta.   If you don’t want spam bots or the general public to see your address, use a valid email address in the email field rather than putting it in the comment field.  We only have 50 invitations to spare right now, but we may be getting more over the next few weeks.  For those of you who already have access to Google Music Beta, let us know what you think of the service or feel free to leave any tips for the noobs among us.

UPDATE: THANKS FOR PLAYING, INVITES ARE BEING SENT OUT NOW We went ahead and closed comments to avoid confusion/disappointment.

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  1. jamesGuest 4 years ago
  2. GlenGuest 4 years ago

    Yes please

  3. Bryan BurnsGuest 4 years ago

    Google Music Beta invite please

  4. APGuest 4 years ago

    please invite me :) 10x

  5. KCRGuest 4 years ago

    Had it since Hour 1 of it launching, thanks to my cousin at Mountain View ;)

    With more than 12k songs in my library, my main tip would be this – do ALL of your ID3 organization BEFORE uploading! You can edit the tags through the web interface as well, but it’s easier to do it beforehand.

  6. MeiGuest 4 years ago

    Great app. Please send me an invite. :D

  7. MuhammadGuest 4 years ago

    Thanks in advance.

  8. liliGuest 4 years ago

    Well, if it is available outside US then I am eager to test!

  9. RemiGuest 4 years ago

    Please send me one as well.

  10. senenjrGuest 4 years ago

    Please please give me an invite! thanks guys :)

  11. juanGuest 4 years ago

    Let me have one pleaseee!!

  12. DJ ELITEGuest 4 years ago

    i’m down for an invite.

    much obliged. ;-)

  13. fragiGuest 4 years ago

    invite pls :)

  14. raul barbosaGuest 4 years ago

    i would love one :) thx

  15. QmatyGuest 4 years ago

    please invite me :)

  16. famuGuest 4 years ago

    invite please. :)

  17. Jonas GottvallGuest 4 years ago

    invite please :-)

  18. Robert PaulGuest 4 years ago

    Would love to compare this to Spotify!

  19. J. K.Guest 4 years ago

    looking forward to comparing it to amazon’s cloud player…

  20. EricGuest 4 years ago

    Please send me a google music invite ! Thank you !

  21. would be pleased if you could send me an invite =)

  22. MattGuest 4 years ago
  23. frank hillGuest 4 years ago

    gimme some music

  24. xxosGuest 4 years ago

    Google Music Beta … yes please!

  25. Alanson NaudenGuest 4 years ago

    Send me an invite please! And thank you

  26. amandaGuest 4 years ago

    Please, & thank you

  27. CurtisGuest 4 years ago

    Would love an invite!

  28. ToniGuest 4 years ago

    Hope I get one

  29. Jon HardingGuest 4 years ago

    I’d love an invite, thank you!

  30. Spyros GiannopoulosGuest 4 years ago

    Please send me an invitation! Thank you very much!

  31. mandaGuest 4 years ago

    Much obliged, good friend!

  32. Dan FraenkelGuest 4 years ago

    That would be great…yes please.

  33. miroGuest 4 years ago

    One please

  34. KeithGuest 4 years ago

    Thank You!

  35. TimoGuest 4 years ago

    Thanks in advance

  36. colinGuest 4 years ago

    Thank you!

  37. xinovelGuest 4 years ago

    Me! i want it too!

  38. MikeGuest 4 years ago

    I would love a Google Music invite

  39. AndreasGuest 4 years ago
  40. MatthewGuest 4 years ago

    Getting an invite would be awesome.

  41. pandaGuest 4 years ago
  42. NicoleGuest 4 years ago

    Thank you.

  43. RaymondGuest 4 years ago
  44. BondGuest 4 years ago
  45. An invite would be nice. Thanks for offering them.

  46. SriramGuest 4 years ago

    I’d love an invite!

  47. xorob0Guest 4 years ago

    Me please

  48. edwinGuest 4 years ago

    Please send me a invitation to

  49. MichaelGuest 4 years ago

    Sounds great, hope you have enough to come thru!

  50. Jeroen OfferijnsGuest 4 years ago

    I would love to have a Google Music invite!

  51. GreyphilGuest 4 years ago
  52. KimberleyGuest 4 years ago

    If you still have any, I’d love to give it a whirl. Big fangirl here.

  53. I still available please an invite

  54. Sean VergowvenGuest 4 years ago

    please send me an invite.

  55. MartinGuest 4 years ago

    I’d be very happy to receive one as well, so if you still have any left, please send me an invite. Music on the go from Google finally here :)

  56. Wassim KoratiGuest 4 years ago

    invite plzzzz

  57. DylanGuest 4 years ago

    Please send me one as well.. Thank you in advance!

  58. CarlGuest 4 years ago


  59. jasonGuest 4 years ago

    Invite please

  60. HesselGuest 4 years ago

    Would love to be invited!

  61. Zenon ZeniouGuest 4 years ago
  62. Just curious, how did you get the 50 invites? I think I’ve only gotten about 8 total, and I alway send all mine out.

  63. Kevin LGuest 4 years ago

    An invite would be nice, need something that can take care of my huge music library in a good way. :)

  64. TarunGuest 4 years ago

    Me too…thanks!

  65. Keenan WitherspoonGuest 4 years ago

    Hope’m not 2 l8. ::gasp:: Anyway, I’d *love* an invite. That’d b real swell. :)

  66. Kalpa SemasingheGuest 4 years ago

    Invite Pleasee

  67. Steve GaronGuest 4 years ago

    Does that work in Canada now ?

  68. I’ll take one if you’ve got it one. Can you get it from the user record?

  69. HenryGuest 4 years ago

    Does it work in the UK, if it does can I have an invite please?

  70. ChrisGuest 4 years ago

    Send me an invite please

  71. Suresh IyerGuest 4 years ago

    Can I have an invite please? Thanks!

  72. Steve WatermanGuest 4 years ago

    One, please!

  73. Nidal ArabiGuest 4 years ago

    Please invite…

  74. Lowell HendersonGuest 4 years ago

    Can I try please?