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Logitech offering 50% off any single item. Except not really.


In a world of unlimited meaning unlimited until we limit it, most of us have gotten used to reading the small text. But when a bunch of users received a Logitech mailer simply claiming 50% off a single item. That’s right, no exclusions!, they believed it. I did. I went to and tried to buy a Logitech Revue. Access denied!

I double-checked the mailer found the small type disclaiming Offer not valid on Logitech Revue. There was no asterisk in the large text, no mention of a disclaimer, just the original claim touting No exclusions! If you’d like to see the complete original mailer, you can do so here.

I know it’s a little gripey to make a blog post complaining about misleading marketing speak, we’re just tired of companies making big text claims with tiny text disclaimers. We did a quick poll on Twitter and found dozens of you were trying to use the discount code on the Revue. We even had reports of some of you succeeding. Did anyone here score a half price Revue? If you’d received the mailer as pictured, would you think you were entitled to one?

Maybe I’ll use the discount on this $50 tablet mouse that scrolls up and down…

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