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Rumor: Samsung DROID Prime to be first Ice Cream Sandwich device, exclusive to Verizon (Update)


The Nexus Prime rumor mill is up and at it again. BGR is reporting that the flagship Ice Cream Sandwich device will not be a Nexus device at all. Instead, the hotly-anticipated device will be launched in October as the Samsung DROID Prime.

For those hoping the next platform flagship device would come to multiple carriers, we have some bad news for you. The DROID Prime will be a Verizon-exclusive device.

Several of our readers on Verizon’s network have bemoaned the fact that Verizon was the only carrier not getting a Galaxy SII device, and it appears we now know why. The DROID Prime is rumored to be a beefy device, with a 4.65″ Super Amoled Plus display with a 1280 x 720 resolution and a 1.4 GHz dual core processor (OMAP4).

Though this is certainly the device that’s been rumored over the course of the last several months, Google and Samsung electing not to go with the Nexus moniker for the Ice Cream Sandwich device leaves us hopeful that we will in fact see a different Nexus 3 device in coming months. (Start the rumors).

Nexus or not, it seems Verizon is getting the best of the next generation of Samsung devices in the DROID Prime. Who out there is planning to pick up this hot device when it launches in just over a month?  Sound off in the comments.

Update: In a bit of hopeful news, Droid-Life is reporting that according to some of it’s sources, this device will not be part of the DROID brand. There seems to be some weight to their story, as it makes little sense to release two DROID devices (Bionic and Prime) so close to each other. Again, remember this is all rumor, and we won’t know the final name for this awesome device until shortly before it’s released.  Stay tuned!

Source: BGR

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