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Rumor: Will the first Ice Cream Sandwich device launch in October to compete with the iPhone 5?


We hope you’re in the mood for some more Ice Cream Sandwich rumors (who isn’t?), because we have a pretty big one for you today. According to BGR, Google and its partners will release the first Ice Cream Sandwich devices this October. BGR explains that Google has decided to push up the release of Ice Cream Sandwich in order to better compete with the iPhone 5.

As you might or might not know, the latest rumors point to an October release for the iPhone 5. Would Google really rush the release of Ice Cream Sandwich because of the iPhone 5? Personally, I don’t think Google would shuffle its roadmap around just to steal the spotlight away from Apple and its shiny new phone. A stunt like this one could hurt Android more than it could help it. After all, releasing a half-baked product just to beat a deadline hasn’t really worked out for Google before (read: Honeycomb).

If you take a look at the release date of previous versions of Android, you’ll notice that they’re all over the place. With almost all versions being released on a different month. Google, it seems, hasn’t really picked a time of the year to release a new version of Android. Because of that, I think Google will keep working at its own pace and release Ice Cream Sandwich once it feels is ready for prime time. Whether that will be in October, November or December is anyone’s guess.

Source: BGR

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