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Samsung Galaxy S II will finally pull the U.S. into its orbit on August 29th

Samsung Galaxy S II event in New York

Now that Samsung has that whole Galaxy S II in space thing all locked up, they’ve finally turned their attentions back to those of us in the troposphere and realized that the U.S. launch still hadn’t happened.

On August 29th in New York, the company will be making a major product announcement that will prominently feature the roman numeral II. Now, unless they’re real gluttons for punishment, we’re going to assume it’s our beloved–if somewhat belated–Galaxy S II.

Hopefully we’re looking at a faster turnaround time from announcement to launch with the Galaxy S II than we saw with the original Galaxy S last year; the clock is ticking and the specs on the Galaxy S II aren’t exactly as out of this world as they once seemed. (If it’s any consolation that pun caused me some slight physical pain).

Question remain regarding what minor variations we’ll see from carrier to carrier–such as whether the Galaxy S II will offer each carriers version of 4G or “fauxG.” But in just seventeen days we’ll finally have our answers.

I know the Galaxy S II has had a rabid following at times, and it certainly hasn’t had any trouble selling worldwide. But with a September launch (at the earliest) are you still on the SGS2 bandwagon?

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