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Sony DSX-S310BTX car stereo to feature Pandora support for Android devices


Listening to Pandora in your car with the help of your Android device is nothing new. But a stereo with built-in Pandora for Android support? Now that’s something we’d like to see. Coming this fall, Sony is going to make it happen.

With the announcement of the Sony DSX-S310BTX, Android users will finally have an aftermarket car radio that features native support for Pandora. Anyone with an Android handset and a data connection will be able to pair their device to the DSX-S310BTX via Bluetooth and perform all the normal Pandora functions. You can play, pause, skip and thumbs up or down tracks, as well as browse radio stations, view information like track titles and tag artists right from the standard four-line OEL display. Thanks to the built-in microphone, you’ll also be able to make calls and listen in using your car’s speakers. Along with Android support, the Sony DSX-S310BTX will also feature BlackBerry support, along with a USB input for other devices.

Be on the lookout for the Sony DSX-S310BTX to ship this fall for a grand total of $280.

Source: cnet

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