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Video: Here’s how to install the Honeycomb update on your Logitech Revue


Well, that was fast. Not even four days after showing us some photos of Google TV 2.0 running on the Logitech Revue, the same guys at GTVhacker have now put together an easy-to-follow set of instructions on how to install the much-awaited update on your Revue.

As always, we’re not responsible for anything bad that happens to your device while following the instructions below. Keep in mind that this is in no way an official or final build of Google TV 2.0. It could very well break your Revue. Also, the Netflix app is missing from this build. If that’s something you use on a daily basis, you might want to wait for Google and Logitech to officially update your device.

On the other hand, if you don’t care about possibly breaking your Revue (they’re going for $99 these days) you might as well go ahead and follow these instructions:

  1. Download the update file from here.
  2. Copy the to a Fat32 formatted USB drive, place it in its root (ie /mnt/usb/ or
  3. Plug USB drive into Revue.
  4. Fully unplug Revue.
  5. Plug it back in, count to one. (A long one. Say, “One Mississippi”).
  6. Hold down the connect button and keep it held. The Revue logo will come up, and the box will reboot. Your TV will lose signal and come back to the Revue logo. Let go of the button.
  7. The GTV logo will then show up, with an arrow and a horizontal “barbershop scroll.” On your Revue’s keyboard, press the FN key (in yellow) and the left arrow (to the left of the OK button). It will then display a recovery menu.
  8. Hit “Apply update from sdcard:/”
  9. The box will verify the update and reboot. This is normal. It is installing an updated bootloader and recovery image (both heavily encrypted).
  10. The box will come back on and flash the latest kernel and system files. Once this is done, the box will reboot again.
  11. This bootup may take a few minutes. At first you will see the Revue logo, then the Google TV logo, then the “new” logo (a grey TV over a ball glowing red). Just wait it out.
  12. Begin setup as normal. You may notice some crashes; this software is still in beta. Just force close and continue.
That was pretty easy, no? If you ran into any problems during the update, you can always let us know in the comments or ask the “experts” over at GTVhacker. Finally, I leave you with a video of the whole process from the guys at Channel Android. Happy hacking!

Source: GTVhacker

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