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HTC launches new developer center


Today HTC launched a new version of their developer portal, (previously Along with a slick new look, HTC has also added some new resources and tools for Android (and Windows Phone, to a far lesser degree) Developers.

Inside, you will find the HTC OpenSense SDK with information about the various innovative features provided by HTC Sense. If you’re a developer looking to fit right in with the Sense experience, this is where you’ll want to begin. It includes API documentation and Code Samples for utilizing some of the HTC UI elements and components, the Stereoscopic 3D display and the Tablet Pen.

For those who want to open up the full potential of their devices, this is where the Bootloader Unlock tool will live (when it becomes available). As we previously reported, users looking to use this tool will need to register at the site, install the Android SDK and then use the web-based tool to begin the device unlock process.

HTC also provides downloadable kernel source code, binaries and other materials for their Android devices at the site.

The resources section of the site, while currently sparsely populated, offers some basic Getting Started advice and helpful links for both Android and Windows Phone developers. Although this is the only part of the site that refers to Windows Phone, I’d venture a guess that HTC plans to provide additional Windows Phone resources here in the future.

If you’ve ever thought about making use  of some HTC-specific hardware and software features, head over and check it out. Or if you’re interested in unlocking your device, this is where the Bootloader Unlock tool will be made available, so keep an eye out for it.


Justin is the founder of and lead developer at nEx.Software.

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