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Infographic: Angry Birds makes single people sad

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Since its release in 2009, Angry birds has been consistently growing to what it is now: the most recognized game for mobile devices. It’s a fun and addictive game that can be enjoyed in any situation. Whether you have some free time (or decide to procrastinate) at work/school or are sitting on the throne, Angry Birds has become the go-to game for most Android users (and iOS, as well as other supported platforms).

Angry Birds is fun and all, but one rarely stops to think how such a game can affect your life or how it became such a big part of it. The data we receive from infographics is always interesting, and today’s feature on Angry Birds is no different. The topic on this one covers the “psychology, sociology and addiction” that comes with our beloved Angry Birds game.

While this infographic is very well designed and the data is very interesting, the survey only covers 500 individuals (all have downloaded at least one of the Angry Birds games). It would have been good to see a larger number of participants, as well as know where these people are from. (e.g. the US? A specific state? City?) Either way, the work does still look great, so let’s take a look at it.

There are three versions of Angry birds: Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Rio. The infographic shows the percentage of people who have downloaded each version of the game, as well as the percentage of those who have actually purchased the paid version. As expected, the most popular one is the original Angry Birds; 76% have the free version and 45% own the premium one.

The percentage of people with paid versions is not as small as we expected. But who’s buying the paid apps? The infographic goes on to show some percentages for that, as well. It seems males are 35% more likely to purchase the paid version of Angry Birds. And if you add youth (age 18-24) to that equation, the number moves up to 76%. Young guys are really into games, right? Could it be that guys tend to worry more about technology, hence they usually worry more about the gaming experience? Maybe they are more prone to support developers?

There are more few interesting facts mentioned in the first section of the infographic. Apparently, all users in the world play Angry birds for about 200 million minutes a day (accumulated). This adds to a total of 380 years per day, or 16 years per hour. Also, on average, we have collectively sling shot more than 100 billion birds, which is the estimated number of real birds in the world.

The second section talks about mood after playing Angry Birds. While the vast majority tends to be happier or feel the same after playing the game, there are a few who actually end up in a worse mood. Apparently 5% of users are getting mad about those scores (or they just hate the green pigs). Unemployed and young people (18-24) are actually more likely to get upset/sad after playing the game.

It seems being single also makes things harder on people, though. Single users are 9 times more likely to have a deteriorated mood after playing Angry Birds. Can any of our single readers attest to this statement?

Last but not least, the third and fourth sections talk about addiction to the game. Yes, most of us are addicted to it. Whether it be sometimes, often or always, most interviewed users have an addiction to throwing birds. Only 18% seem to be free from such addiction, but they might be in denial…

Dr. Michael Chorost also goes on to explain 5 reasons why this game is very addictive, which is mostly due to the design and the biochemistry of our brains. It seems like 24% of the users interviewed are looking for ways to get rid of this addiction. But whether the solution is to delete the game, or find another cure, most of us just want to keep playing!

Do check out the infographic below. Also, you can check out the full results if you hit the source link. Let us know what you find most interesting, and make sure to mention any other cool/important facts we may have missed. Who is 18-24 years old and loves Angry Birds? Single readers, do you feel upset after playing the game?

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