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Android MegaPad shows us what a 23″ tablet might look like


Have you ever held a 10-inch Android tablet and wished for a bigger display? You know, something just a little wider to watch movies on? Android modder Martin Drashkov must have had that dream, because he built an Android device with a 23″ touchscreen.

He calls his creation the MegaPad, and it only cost him around $600 to build in his kitchen. Martin thinks the larger display will allow “simultaneous use by two users” and “open up new possibilities that demand different apps.”

Unfortunately the MegaPad is not a portable device, but it does provide a preview of what future Android devices might look like. With new technologies like flexible displays, it might not be long before we see a desktop-sized display that could fit in your pocket.

What kinds of Android apps would you like to see on a touchscreen that big?

Source: Martin Drashkov

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