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Nexus Prime passes through Bluetooth SIG; Droid Prime receives WiFi certification


If you think this headline looks familiar, don’t worry. It’s not just you. The last time we heard anything on both the Droid and Nexus Primes, the Ice Cream Sandwich devices were making the rounds, finishing up the pre-release circuit. During the last week of August, the SCH-i515 (Droid Prime) was seen doing the Bluetooth SIG shuffle, while the GT-i9250 was hanging out with the WiFi certification crowd. Today, those roles are switched.

Staying on track for an October to December release, the Nexus Prime has passed through the Bluetooth Special Intrest Group, and the Droid Prime has received its WiFi certification. No new information has been provided on either device, but again, this keeps them on track for a Fall release. As early as October has been rumored for when either device could hit retail shelves, but don’t be surprised if you don’t see the Primes until December. Any confusion on exactly how the two different devices will finally present themselves in retail form has yet to be cleared up, as well.

At this point, the most logical assumption is that the Droid and Nexus Primes are two different but extremely similar devices. The GT-i9250 will release as a normal Nexus device, and the SCH-i515 will release as a Verizon exclusive. It should also be noted that the “Droid” name is not set in stone. It’s entirely possible that both devices will actually land the Nexus name with some sort of small differentiator. We might be looking at another Nexus S versus Nexus S 4G scenario. Which when you think about it, wouldn’t be all bad. The “Nexus Prime LTE” does have a nice ring to it. Of course this is all speculation. As Fall is quietly knocking on our door, we should know more very soon.

Source: DroidLife

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