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T-Mobile Galaxy S II release date coming next week, so check out this hands-on video


T-Mobile customers have been patiently waiting on a release date for the Samsung Galaxy S II while Sprint fans got their version of the device last week and AT&T gets some action on October 2nd. It doesn’t look like they will have to wait much longer because we just got invited to a special reception on September 26th to “celebrate the latest in 4G from T-Mobile.”

An evening of DJs and glorious devices.

Samsung unveiled the three US versions of the Galaxy S II last month, but T-Mobile’s version was trapped in a glass cube and no release date or pricing was announced. T-Mobile representatives said they would hold a separate event to showcase their device, so we are going to assume that’s what this big party in San Francisco is for.

For an idea of what to expect next week, check out this hands-on video from Mobile Syrup with the Samsung Galaxy S II X for Telus in Canada.

The Telus version of the Galaxy S II was originally codenamed the Samsung Hercules and it’s almost identical to the version coming to T-Mobile. Both devices differ from the other Galaxy S II’s with a faster dual-core 1.5 GHz Snapdragon S3 processor and support for 4G HPSA+ 42 Mbps.

How many of you are planning to pick up the T-Mobile Galaxy S II when it hits stores in a couple weeks?

Via: Mobile Syrup

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