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Update: vote for the winner!

After a flashy first showing by our #shotbyme contest, we’re back for week two of Editor’s Choice, powered by NVIDIA Tegra! This time, Anthony Domanico has loaded up an awesome back to school prize pack including a Motorola Photon 4G, the Photon HD multimedia dock, a pair of Skullycandy earbuds and a Case Logic backpack to haul it all around in.

Since Anthony is responsible for our “Complaint Department” series, and in keeping with our contest theme of making you guys actually do something, we’ve decided to make this giveaway a rage-off. To enter to win, you’ll need to create and submit a “rage comic.” You know the meme–the poorly illustrated but always chuckle-inducing comics that usually end with a bang? We’ve created a handful of (admittedly poor) examples to get the ball rolling:

Initial seeds of rage

There are lots of online generators for creating these little comics, but our favorite so far has been If you’re crafty, feel free to fire up Photoshop. Or MS Paint. Just rage on the topics of school or work or tech and make sure it’s funny, because the best comic (as chosen by a reader vote) will win a back to school prize pack.

To enter, just create a comic and leave us a link in the comments here on this article. If you’re just spectating and spot a comic you think is hilarious, leave a reply to make sure we notice it. Submissions will be open until Saturday, September 17th, at 11:59PM CST. Make sure you leave the comment with your And Me Account or at least as a guest with a proper email address (so we can contact you if you win!).

As always, if you appreciate the contest and want to see more, make sure you show some love to @NVIDIATegra. On that note, if you’re on the Twitters, consider sharing this page to help spread the rage:

Check back on Tuesday for the finalists and to cast your vote on the best Android rage comic the internet hath ever cast eyes upon.

PS: Since this is a Sprint-branded device, we’re making this contest US-only. Check back next week for another international contest!

Update: vote for the winner!

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  1. Tommy RodriguezGuest 4 years ago

    iPhone Users…They are so sad check out comic… :)


    It happened to me all the time when I had an iphone.

  3. Don’t let this become a reality!

  4. wvpvGuest 4 years ago

    steve & bill –

  5. This is my entry, I’m crossing my finguers

    • I skimmed through the post and didn’t realize the comic theme was rage, please delete this entry so I can make another one.

  6. Noob using the Android Market –

    • AngieGuest 4 years ago

      Haha, man some of these are getting down voted that don’t deserve it.

      • HolySmokesBattyGuest 4 years ago

        Trolls will be trolls.

  7. i need to go back to android because blackberry sucks..
    heres my entry

  8. From an Original Droid owner

  9. Nolan MeilingerGuest 4 years ago <—- Some days just can't be productive…

  10. ScottGuest 4 years ago

    My gut reaction to Nexus Prime rumors:

  11. We’ve all been there …. may our significant others forgive us

  12. good luck guys

    • AngieGuest 4 years ago

      You can totally still enter, Merf!

  13. MarlonGuest 4 years ago
  14. yes! two birds with one stone! always wanted to share the fixed version of my trollcolsoft rage comic!
    enjoy :D tell me what you think

  15. Jonathan RacioppiGuest 4 years ago

    I’m the only male that works with 35+ women at this private practice. This one happened to me today.

  16. andrpauGuest 4 years ago

    Stupid US only contest…

  17. Renz AsprecGuest 4 years ago

    always raging

  18. For the fruit carrying zombie haters…

  19. IrisGuest 4 years ago

    I hope I get it!

  20. Brad BaileyGuest 4 years ago

    My experience with trying to come up with a good rage comic….

  21. seven2kGuest 4 years ago

    Gf and wife stories…they just dont listen.

  22. Gf and wife stories…they just dont listen.

  23. NiklasGuest 4 years ago

    This is my rage comic :)

  24. Wow, another exciting contest. I love creating rage comic. I’ll have my rage soon.

  25. CoreyGuest 4 years ago

    The typical iPhone lover:

  26. wyngoGuest 4 years ago
    I wish this was just a joke…

  27. Brian HickeyGuest 4 years ago

    This is actually my first rage comic.

    The comic is all in good fun. :D

  28. Mr NoodlesGuest 4 years ago

    Hope you like it :D it happens to me every time

  29. ZOMG, I made a rage comic too. I can win it?

  30. Torey CraytonGuest 4 years ago
  31. Alan GarciaGuest 4 years ago

    Sprint getting the Iphone

  32. Alan GarciaGuest 4 years ago

    Sprint getting the Iphone.

  33. RBI411Guest 4 years ago

    Well here goes everything…

  34. This reminded me when I would come home from back to school shopping and I would bust out my supplies… I made this to be simple, yet funny.

    Also, @Clark – I brought the Team Android shirt (you graciously gave me) with me to Iraq – I’ll take some pics and send them to you.

  35. Tommy RodriguezGuest 4 years ago

    Totally worth school joking :)
    Hope you guys enjoy it and laugh

  36. StephanGuest 4 years ago
  37. The sad part is this really happened…just the site and search have been changed to protect the innocent.

  38. iPhone has LiveWallpapers Breh!!!!!!!!
    Those words where spoken to me one day……

  39. Im mad people are downvoting..if you dont like it dont vote….darn trolls

  40. themanwithsauceGuest 4 years ago

    Happened in my literature class. Fun times.

    • mikeymopGuest 4 years ago

      The Windows phone user had to put away his ‘iPhone’ too?

  41. mrbill187Guest 4 years ago

    Girls think all android phones are “droids”…

  42. Nothing like a day in the boss’s office:

    • Pat McAndrewsGuest 4 years ago

      Bahahahaha. I love it!

    • EricGuest 4 years ago

      This is too true! I think my boss does the same thing!

  43. Jason AriasGuest 4 years ago
  44. Good luck to all!

  45. it isnt to early for this joke right??……..


    Android of my dreams………..

  47. Here is my entry please delete the other one since I didn’t read the whole post the first time and my first try wasn’t a rage comic.

  48. My first Ragecomic…i plan to do this one day haha

  49. Based on a true story of how a herp-derp moment during a community college placement test got me stuck in Pre-Algebra. What’s one wasted semester? I only have 5-6 more math classes to go before I can transfer to a four year university

  50. Alright, I think we’ve all been here. Upvote if you like it, throw a comment in if you love it. If you downrank, you’re a dirty iPhone-loving bastard! :p

  51. AJGuest 4 years ago

    Xmas and Tech collide –

  52. mdyaneshGuest 4 years ago

    check out mine…! we the nerds… crazy about android

  53. Does the winner of this contest have to get a contract with Sprint or does it come service less?

  54. themanwithsauceGuest 4 years ago

    The downvotes on everyone’ comics are cute. Too bad this isn’t the page that decides the winner. Voting will be done next week. Nice try though.

  55. I call this piece, “story of my Life”, check it:

  56. I call this piece “Story of my Life”, check it… yo:

  57. aminGuest 4 years ago

    here is my try :D

  58. BrickGuest 4 years ago

    I don’t follow deadlines… so I just did this for fun… for all of my fellow Android enthusiasts