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UPDATE: This contest is closed. Please view the end of the article to see who won!

We’re back for week 3 of Editor’s Choice powered by NVIDIA Tegra, this time with a design-inspired prize pack curated by our resident illustrator extraordinaire, Angie. Up for grabs this week is a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet, a Logitech Tablet Keyboard, a Logitech Tablet Mouse, an Alupen Touch Stylus and a Built neoprene messenger bag to haul it all around in.

Packing so many handy tools in a compact pack is perfect for the modern designer. Just ask Angie. She doesn’t want to give this prize pack away. And I don’t blame her. The Logitech Tablet Keyboard is one of my favorite accessories I’ve played with in a long time. Add in the mouse and stylus, and you’ve got quite the mobile art workstation.

IMG_2927 IMG_2928 IMG_2932 IMG_2933 IMG_2934 IMG_2935 IMG_2936 IMG_2941

How to win

In keeping with our theme of creative contests, this week we’re doing a t-shirt concept contest. To enter to win, all you’ve gotta do is submit an idea for a bitchin’ Android tee. You can draw it yourself, you can craft a terribly janky Photoshop, you can scrawl it out in MSpaint, hell, you can even just leave us a written description. Even if you don’t have an artistic bone in your body, take your best shot and share it as a comment on this post.

Here’s the best part: our favorite concept (as selected by the Android and Me staff) will be made into an actual tee. The winning concept is going to be passed to super-illustrator-turned-zombie Ray Frenden for the official And Me treatment. Then, at some point in the near future, we’ll debut it in a line of actual tees (which the winner will get for free, of course).

The Small Print

Since this contest deals with submitting ideas and/or art, we thought we’d toss in a short disclaimer to say that all submissions remain the property of the original artist. We aren’t here to permanently gobble up your creativity, we’re just looking for a winning concept by an artist who will give us one-time rights to use the concept on a t-shirt in exchange for the amazing prize pack. Deal? Good.

Also, since this isn’t carrier specific-hardware, this contest is open to all entrants, international or not. As long as you’ve got a clever idea, you’ve got a shot at this Tab.

Good luck and happy conceptualizing!

We’ll leave entries open through the weekend, closing submissions on Sunday night at 11:59 PM CST. We’ll try to pick a winner and make the announcement as soon after the deadline as possible.

As always, if you’d like to see more contests here, show some love to @NVIDIATegra over on Twitter. And while we’re on the subject of the Twitters, you can use the box below to share this contest:

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UPDATE: We have our winner! Congratulations to John and his idea to create a design out of a sea of Androids. He submitted the below image to give us an idea of the composition:

Like this, except more awesome

It was very hard to choose one out of all the of the many submissions we received, but we are all happy with the idea of a shirt that will highlight the idea of an Android community. Check out the gallery below to see the submissions that made it farthest in the judging process (Submitted by BRAAAIN, Jean M, Patricia Simoes, inhuman5000, Edward Pei, Michael C., Juan Raza, mimogear, Sean M, Keith Pinson, Yellow Ducati, Sylvain, and erikiksaz (in no particular order). Two others, AnthonyA and cristhian banales were also final contenders, but did not submit a mockup):

android-ace-inhuman5000 android-inside-MichaelC android-old-portrait-style-YellowDucati android-plastic-parts-frame-erikiksaz android-rainbow-KeithPinson androids-guns-mimogear android-skeleton-Edward Pei android-takeoff-JuanRaza android-with-desserts-jeanM Flying Androids-BRAAAIN vintage-android-SeanM zombie-android-PatriciaSimoes android-space-invaders-sylvain

We’re very excited to see how this is going to turn out after the talented Mr. Ray Frenden gets his hands on it. Keep a lookout on the site for updates on when this will be available for purchase. Please keep in mind that it will require quite a bit of time to finalize a design, and get everything taken care of with the printer, so it could be a few months. Thanks so much for everyone who participated! It was a lot of fun looking through your ideas.

Clark is a developer living in Austin, Texas. He runs ClarkLab, a small web firm with his wife, Angie. He's a big fan of usability, standards, and clean design.

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  1. RJGuest 4 years ago

    An idea for the shirt would be a Mosaic picture of Andy the Android but he’s made up of all sorts of different Android phones/devices.

  2. What is the rule(s) on multiple entries?

  3. Zeratoda1Guest 4 years ago

    i didnt understand something, so where and how exactly do we enter our ideas?

  4. joseGuest 4 years ago

    An android takin a bite out of a apple! ;)

  5. MoSDeebGuest 4 years ago

    1- Polo T-Shirt with the Andy Android logo instead of, let’s say a Lacoste logo

    2-Andy with ice cream on his mouth

    3- Optimus Andy

    4- Back of the shirt has Andy opening a door with a bright light shining; while the front shows
    Andy coming through the door to WWDC and people standing up applauding, haha.

    5- Andy t-shirt pattern as was found on the Special edition Nexus S

  6. JohnGuest 4 years ago

    I suck at drawing so I will make an attempt at a description. Here goes:

    The scene should be straight from the 1984 Apple commercial (or a mock up of it), where the girl is replaced with Andy and the face on the big screen is Steve Jobs. Maybe show it where you can see the crowd and Andy’s back looking towards the screen. The crowd and the screen will be in a very dark bluish tone with Andy being the contrasting bright green that he is.

    I am seriously this bored at work.

  7. DonnieaceGuest 4 years ago

    How about a picture of an android, riding a motorcycle with an avatar riding in the sidecar? It could be an animated human being or and animated version of one of your staff members?

    I can see it in my head but I lack the artistic skills to draw it. Just thought I’d drop the suggestion :)

  8. LoganGuest 4 years ago

    My idea is to have the android robot teaching a class and reading a story out of the tablet (of course, all of the kids are wowed and have “ooo” and “ahhh” all over their face, with another image showing a human teacher struggling to read the text on a really old, boring book.

  9. BedwaGuest 4 years ago

    Here’s my idea…..

    A non-descript person wearing an Android Beanie, with a phone in his left hand (nexus series) and in his right arm an Andy. In curved letters above is Android and Me. ;)

  10. Lucas PinelliGuest 4 years ago

    My idea for a t-shirt:
    A large double-helix covering most of the tee with all of the little proteins being andy the robot doing all sorts of crazy stuff: skateboarding, eating apples, etc.

    The message? I’ve got android in my DNA!

  11. An Android & Me Shirt! Gotta promote the best android news site!

    …or something that plays on the old “My Buddy and Me” commercial “My android and me!”

  12. RyanGuest 4 years ago

    My t-shirt idea:

    On the front of the shirt is a small color design of Andy. In this design Andy is holding an apple by its stem with one hand and is pinching his nose with the other, and his head is turned away from the apple in disgust (I know this is somewhat counter to the traditional photos of Andy eating an apple, but indulge me for a moment longer…).

    On the back of the shirt is a full size picture of Andy sitting down to feast at a dessert table, and the desserts on the table are cupcakes, doughnuts, eclairs, bowls of froyo, gingerbread men cookies, and ice cream sandwiches. Perhaps under the table on the floor is a solitary, rotting apple.

    • I like this idea, though I think you could combine it to where there is only a printed graphic on one side, and you could have Andy feasting on the desserts, and like you said, the rotting apple is somewhere forgotten, haha.

  13. Torey CraytonGuest 4 years ago

    My idea:

    A simple shirt with Andy in is different levels.
    Donut is normal Andy.
    Froyo is super saiyan 1 Andy.
    Gingerbread is super saiyan 2 Andy.
    Honeycomb is super saiyan 3 Andy.
    Ice cream sandwich is super saiyan 4 Andy.

  14. I suck at art.

    1: Profile silhouette of Andy (Bug Droid) sitting on the toilet with a phone in his hands and the text “You know you do it too.”

    2: Android green shirt with what looks like access panels open on the front/back and inside are the components from the Exploded Andy tee or Android Anatomy (link:

    Will post more later.

  15. Andrew HoldenGuest 4 years ago

    So I wasn’t able to find the image I was looking for. The one I was looking for was a cartoonistic picture of the main Star Wars characters playing cards around a table and Boba Fett is pulling a blaster on a Ewok. My thought is to have all the platforms for phones designed playing poker with some shenanigans going on throughout the picture. The best image I could find to show what I was thinking is linked. I’ll keep looking for the picture I really wanted to show you guys.

  16. WRussomGuest 4 years ago

    Dose equis guy. “I don’t always use a smartphone, but when I do I prefer android.”

  17. Jonathan KauGuest 4 years ago

    An idea for the shirt would be to have Andy the android with some type of donut, éclair, froyo, honeycomb etc characters surrounding him. Meanwhile, he would have this sorta kangaroo like pouch with an ice cream sandwich sticking out. It would be epic if they all had glowing eyes too

  18. JohnGuest 4 years ago

    The caption on the front says “Everyone else sees this side…” and has the Android robot icon facing forward with it’s arms wide open and maybe some other visual effects to make it appear as if it is moving toward the person viewing the front of the t-shirt. Then on the back it should have a much smaller view of the *backside* of the robot logo (maybe even a butt crack line to emphasize it is the back of the robot) and maybe some other effects as if to convey that the robot is way in the distance of the person looking at the backside of the t-shirt – the caption on the back then says “What Apple sees”. Note: Including the words “this side…” in the front caption just gets the viewers curiosity to want to see what it says on the back side.

  19. alexGuest 4 years ago

    how about we put the most poweful android handsets, in the front, and all the others are going to the back of it like a line. there could also be words (slogan) like “Choice, Open Source, and Freedom only on android.” While the back of the tee has a collage with features that only android contains, and there could be a timeline of the android updates so far, and manafacturers with Made is there too
    i dont know guys just throwing ideas lol

  20. djvGuest 4 years ago

    Am I missing the email address to which we send our ideas?

  21. The last supper scene with the Bug droid in the middle and superheros eating desserts.

  22. Quentin DewolfGuest 4 years ago

    the tshirt should be black with and explosion with Andy coming out it with the words “Opening the world”

  23. Keith DavisGuest 4 years ago

    Similar design. Same concept. Android coders rule.

  24. My idea is: the words Android Evolution at the top. Underneath the words, there should be a picture of a G1, then next to it a Droid, then an EVO(or nexus one) then a Galaxy S, then a Nexus S, then a Galaxy S II, and then the shadow of a phone, with the words Nexus Prime underneath. So something like that but it would probably need to be with less phones or it probably wouldn’t fit.

  25. Though I am a graphic designer, my photoshop crashes my pc, so I will describe my idea here

    How about we have our green little robot looking a little chubby with the following around him with bites taken out of each of them.
    And finally, he is eating a ice cream sandwich and completely enjoying himself and rubbing his little Buddha belly.

  26. StaceyGuest 4 years ago

    I love the mosiac art they have of old actors with their movies, I think one Andy made up of a variety of Andy shots would be great. There are so many adorable/awesome Andys people have created it would be a blast to see them all together.

  27. Robbie JardineGuest 4 years ago

    My design description is as follows,

    White t-shirt with a large futuristic green Android robot with a menacing expression (packed with a high-tech-looking laser gun) standing and aiming a laser gun over to an Apple iPhone, a Nokia N9, a Windows Phone 7 device and a Samsung Bada device. Each device would be riddled with holes and with bits and pieces scattered around, with a little smoke and looking worse for wear.

    The front slogan should read “They Came, They Saw, Android Kicked Butt.
    The back slogan should read “Android – Ruler of them all”
    The lower back should show the Google Logo.

  28. I’ve got three. Not that I really want to win or anything….


    On that last one, the back of the shit would be the back of Andy as well, matching up on the sleeve/back.

  29. Gary LivingstonGuest 4 years ago

    Oh man, I want to partake just to know Ray executed an idea for me. He’s one of the best!

  30. Here’s hoping the comments support <img> tags… I’ve got 3 ideas:

    First, a full-shirt print. A person-sized Andy on the front and back against a black background, with the body and arms positioned where the wearer’s body and arms would go:

    Second, also full-shirt print. Very similar to the first, just a tad more, err… “cheeky” – Andy now has a crack in the bottom rear, and what looks like a stylized fruit of some sort barely visible that was just, hmm… output? :D

    Finally, a normal-sized print. A flesh-colored t-shirt with a ribcage showing through a hole “ripped” in the chest. Beyond the ribcage is the green Andy color. On the back, “Android Inside” written in the Android logo font.

    I’m not an artist, so this is only a concept that would have to be fine-tuned. It could also be made into a full-shirt print by adding regular human body parts (chest, arms, etc) around the chest hole.

  31. I have another idea and it involves an 80′s movie..Im going to try to draw it but its a rough idea right now.

  32. Adam. KGuest 4 years ago

    T-shirt would have a PacMan setting where Pacman is Android and the Ghosts are little Apple guys. And it shows the Android guy going over all over the board that is from Google’s Doodle ( eating the Apples. “Chomp, Chomp, Chomp” written on the shirt

  33. A solid black Tee-shirt, with the “head” of bugdroid in silhouette (in android green) in the middle of the chest.

  34. wrussomGuest 4 years ago

    Have Andy walking down a yellow brick road with all the desserts in the background dressed like Dorothy with an android dog. It says either. “There’s no place like” then a picture of a home button. Or “it’s not a fever dream, it’s Android “

  35. robert augustGuest 4 years ago

    Picture this. Our android buddy walking thru town minding his own business when out of no where to apple bots start shooting him. He pulls his hand out of his pocket and on his finger is a tegra green ring that he aims to shoot all the little red apple bots.

  36. hey everyone.
    had a bit of free time so i quickly made 4 designs (8 if you count colour variations!) haha.
    anyway, just some rough ideas and i’m open to whatever colour combos, but tell me what you think! i could use this prize pack :)

  37. DKGuest 4 years ago

    somethin like this would be cool, :)

    • DKGuest 4 years ago

      2nd idea
      something that emphasizes ‘and’, and ‘droid’ in ‘android’

      • DKGuest 4 years ago

        3rd idea
        artsy, blending the letters together

        • DKGuest 4 years ago

          aaaand one more for now, idea 4

          • DKGuest 4 years ago


            not gonna photoshop this one, here’s a quick sloppy sketch


            a play on the poster from our favorite 80′s alien movie

            earth in background, android device in center w/shine
            and the android in the basket, waving, covered w/a blanket

          • DKGuest 4 years ago

            #8 idea,

            acrobatic Andy androids, spelling out Android and Me
            one holding up the android and me logo

          • DKGuest 4 years ago

            #9 idea,

            An Andy Android flying a plane (WWII style, or a fighter jet), shooting down the enemy planes, with logos on the side of each plane.

            if drawn from the side, you could add a jet stream behind the android plane lead up to it, indicating Andy’s continual rising, as the others are now crashing (smoke behind) due to android

            backdrop could be a chart. and maybe the plane paths could be drawn using the real data on this trend. :)

          • DKGuest 4 years ago

            idea #10,

            stencil designed image of andy android imitating the famous andre the giant stencil art


            Andy/Android has a Posse

          • DKGuest 4 years ago

            idea #11

            andy android standing center with angel and devil shoulder consciences
            (red and white andy’s).
            Angel Andy telling him: don’t be evil!
            Devil Andy telling him: don’t listen to him!

            use the android and me logos for each conscience word bubble

            could sketch main andy differently on devil side
            - throw in a smirk, raised eyebrow, and maybe a spiked arm band :)

          • DKGuest 4 years ago

            #12, here’s a detailed one for ya

            android space invaders

            - retro style sketch like original space invaders game
            - dozens of andys coming down to invade earth below
            - as a whole, the andy’s could form one big andy, or the face of andy
            - the invading andys could be different colors (like in the game)
            - could have different outfits (donut, eclair, froyo, honeycomb, ICS)
            - also indicate different manufacturers (HTC, Samsung, Motorola, LG, etc etc)
            - or each invader could be labeled with an actual android device name
            - then the top most rows are faded indicating more to come, beyond ICS
            - the base would be a curved side of the earth
            - the three sheild houses at base could be indicated as microsoft, apple, and RIM, – all three sheild houses getting shot and beat up.
            - the base gun, representing their attempts of fighting against android
            - .. but they’re losing the war.


          • DKGuest 4 years ago

            idea #13 !?

            - in foreground, Andy planting seeds
            - the seeds could be little andys
            - in the background, a degree of growing plants/trees
            - the trees sprouting products (phones, tablets, googletvs, etc)
            - silhouettes of people under the trees jumping for the products (if space allows)

  38. I’m in a Warhol-esque mood tonight, since I was thinking Froyo / Gingerbread / Honeycomb / Ice Cream Sandwich, so although I’m not completely sold on the color schemes, I was thinking something along these lines…

      • One last idea, that I’m not going to draw, but simply describe. Magritte’s “Son of Man” (the guy with the bowler hat and the green apple obscuring his face) has been haunting me, maybe because it’s so iconic… and maybe because Apple fans have appropriated it at times, using the Apple Computer logo in place of the green apple. Since Andy is already the “appropriate” shade of green, I think it’d be visually striking to replace the green apple with Andy’s head (and, of course, instead of green leaves, there’d be green antennae!). Then, above and to the side of the guy’s head, there’d be the green “androidandme” speech balloon, replacing Andy’s head with a simple text “android and me” in white…

        In a subtle way, it’s saying that Android is now what “obscures and reveals” the person… and that Android is supplanting Apple in the public’s conscience as the technology that does so…!

        (Sorry… I won’t have the time to put this one together in Photoshop. Hope it works in your imagination!)

  39. nikiGuest 4 years ago

    Simple slogan concept: “A IS FOR ANDROID” with the letter ‘A’ being large, bold and in horizontal rainbow stripe

  40. CarlosGuest 4 years ago

    Hi, this is my idea, Andy covered in melted ice cream fiercely eating an ice cream sandwich… something like this but with colors more or less like this

  41. Here is my design. Just made it for the contest.

  42. Everyones hot some pretty crazy ideas here!
    But I think the tee should be relevant to this site. Something simple and sweet. I have only one idea right now but should come up with some more soon.

    On the front,there would be a guy using his Android phone (this shouldn’t necessarily be a photograph,something like a lineart or sketch,I don’t know what they’re called…semi-cartoon-ish?) He’s got a big grin on his face and there’s Andy the Andorid sitting on his shoulder pointing at the phone. Basically,they’re having a good time. Below the pic should be the logo of ‘Android & Me’

  43. vanceGuest 4 years ago

    I am on a plane and not in a position to draw so, picture wih me if you will:
    The classic evolution of man timeline image, only instead of amoeba to primate to a man, show an old heavy mobile phone with an external wired battery pack, then an early 90′s style phone, a first generation Nokia, a blackberry, an iPhone, then, standing proud and somewhat shiney with a 3D appearance: Andy. The caption underneath “evolution was inevitable”. On the back, across the shoulders “follow the evolution (new line)

    I’d buy one :)

  44. JohnGuest 4 years ago

    How about Andy the robot pulling back on a bow and arrow on one side of the shirt, with steve jobs with an apple on top of his head on the other side of the shirt.

  45. TalGuest 4 years ago

    An android toon eating from a plate full of chunks of meat. A piece of chicken, steak and so forth. No more deserts!

  46. MarkGuest 4 years ago

    First Idea: Andy in Vietnam theme gear with “I kill iPhones for beer money’

    Second: Nice plain Andy with “WINNING” written below or above him. Maybe slicing a “market share” pie.

  47. well if it’s supposed to be relevant to this site and not just android in general,
    then my four submissions don’t really work haha.
    here’s one related to the site. can also do any variation of the three symbols… such as “i <3 android+me" or what not (all symbols of course though), rather than this one i have here.

    check it

  48. RafairaGuest 4 years ago

    Sorry I have to describe it to you because I have no skills in drawing whatsoever(LoL) but I have many ideas, I just don’t know how to draw it…

    My ideas are
    1. Andy android playing tennis complete with racket, and u know the head gear (idk wat it’s called) with the automatic tennis ball launcher replace the tennis ball with apple’s logo… and on the court scattered deformed apple logo’s in different places, stuck on the fence, on a tree, just everywhere… LoL! Our android buddy’s turn our back to us but it’s the whole body, so that we can see clearly the devastating damage on the other side of the court,it has to be cute and not to scare kids when they see it… LoL….

    2. My second idea is apple talking in a therapy session , the typical therapy room, the therapist is a woman, she’s sitting facing apple logo, beside her couch is a her fabulous bag, then there’s like a magnifying glass, you know it’s like when you zoom in on ebay products? lol! Like that but instead of zooming in it’s like an xray vision, inside her bag is a Samsung Galaxy Tab, an Android phone (preferably HTC,coz ihave that phone), then at the table pushed on the wall beside that table is a trash can with iPad and iPhone in the rubbish bin contains papers, candy wrappers etc. and at the center of the therapy room there’s a big window and just peeking are android he’s in the center (like your logo but with eyes), on his right is Samsung Galaxy 2 (you know just the tip of the phone), and on his left is HTC Sensation (I have that phone, lol, just the tip also)…. At the back of the t-shirt are the backs of Samsung Galaxy 2, android, and HTC Sensation(i chose this phone also because it has a distinct back design, easily recognizable)….at the bottom of it says,’he sued everyone, he’s the only one left that he didn’t sue!’ or ”he sued everyone, the only one left to be sued is himself, or ‘he sued everybody, I wonder when he’s going to sue himself!’ … pick the one best, lol, coz i don’t know if the grammar is correct, I;m sorry I don’t speak englis that well… :)

    the therapist dialogue ‘seriously, you need to stop suing everybody… it’s not good for your self-esteem.’ apple’s logo ‘…’

    *i have an idea of what the technique of drawing should be and it’s like this

  49. StephenGuest 4 years ago

    How about android Andy eating a cupcake, donut, eclair, froyo, gingerbread, honeycomb and ice cream sandwich, pacman style.

  50. how about a shirt that has the four beloved android buttons (home, back, menu, search) at the bottom front, and above it is the login screen (tap the droid to begin).

    Any shirt with the working Droid Prime logo would be sweet too.

  51. JohnGuest 4 years ago

    “An Android phone is YOUR phone”
    “An iPhone is APPLE’S phone”

    (hint: because android users can customize their phones extensively without anyones approval, wherein you need apple’s ok to do anything on their phone, so who’s phone is it anyway?)

    • JohnGuest 4 years ago

      Maybe this is a little better:

      “An Android phone is YOUR phone”
      “An iPhone is Apple’s phone, they are just letting you use it”

  52. My Idea: Andy the Android dressed as a chef pointing to a table with a cupcake, donut, eclair, cup of froyo, gingerbread house, botttle of honey and an ice cream sandwich on it and the shirt says “Would you like dessert?”

  53. 杭州广仁医院Guest 4 years ago


  54. RafairaGuest 4 years ago

    Sorry I have to describe it to you because I have no skills in drawing whatsoever(LoL) but I have many ideas, I just don’t know how to draw it… lol

    My ideas are
    1. Andy android playing tennis complete with racket, and u know the head gear (idk wat it’s called) with the automatic tennis ball launcher replace the tennis ball with apple’s logo… and on the court scattered deformed apple logo’s in different places, stuck on the fence, on a tree, just everywhere… LoL! Our android buddy’s turn our back to us but it’s the whole body, so that we can see clearly the devastating damage on the other side of the court,it has to be cute and not to scare kids when they see it… LoL….

    2. My second idea is apple in a therapy session , the typical therapy room, the therapist is a woman, she’s sitting facing apple logo, beside her couch is a her fabulous bag, then there’s like a magnifying glass, you know it’s like when you zoom in on ebay products? lol! Like that but instead of zooming in it’s like an xray vision, inside her bag is a Samsung Galaxy Tab, an Android phone (preferably HTC,coz ihave that phone), then at the table pushed on the wall beside that table is a trash can with iPad and iPhone in the rubbish bin contains papers, candy wrappers etc. and at the center of the therapy room there’s a big window and just peeking are android he’s in the center (like your logo but with eyes), on his right is Samsung Galaxy 2 (you know just the tip of the phone), and on his left is HTC Sensation (I have that phone, lol, just the tip also)…. At the back of the t-shirt are the backs of Samsung Galaxy 2, android, and HTC Sensation(i chose this phone also because it has a distinct back design, easily recognizable)….at the bottom of it says,’he sued everyone, he’s the only one left that he didn’t sue!’ or ”he sued everyone, the only one left to be sued is himself, or ‘he sued everybody, I wonder when he’s going to sue himself!’ … pick the one best, lol, coz i don’t know if the grammar is correct, I;m sorry I don’t speak englis that well… :)

    the therapist dialogue ‘seriously, you need to stop suing everyone… it’s not good for your self-esteem.’ apple’s logo ‘…’

    *i have an idea of what the technique of drawing should be and it’s like this ….!/CraazzyyRafa/status/116675518753013760/photo/1

    only certain parts are colored becasue i thought it might looked busy with everything that’s going on, i also like the fact that the lines are not that straight, it also gives you the feel of simplicity… It also saves a lot of ink, lol,… I suggest just color the important stuff with the same color palette maybe. A white t-shirt would be nice,it would look neat… THATS ALL! THANK YOU!!!


  55. StewartGuest 4 years ago

    My idea is a black shirt with white lettering in apple font that says..

    I was told as a kid..









    And will have a big “head only” white picture of Andy the android bot with big black circular glasses on

  56. RafairaGuest 4 years ago


    I have another idea a lot simpler! On a white T-Shirt, same concept of technique in drawing as this!/CraazzyyRafa/status/116675518753013760/photo/1

    SAmsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 : ‘When are you going to stop suing everyone?’
    HTC Sensation: ‘Seriously, you need therapy.’
    Apple logo: ‘…’
    Android Andy : ‘Well for someone who’s so hostile you’re pretty quiet.’ (or you can change the word hostile to aggressive)

    The backdrop of the scene would be like in a room overlooking NYC. lol!

  57. I’ve had this funny concept rolling around in my brain for a while so here ya go…

  58. MicahGuest 4 years ago

    Here’s my idea:

    It can come in male and female versions with different shirt colors and the female version features a female person holding the androids hand.

    Alternatively the heart could be what they’re holding or an android phone.

    Another mix up to the idea is that The android has a text label under it “Android” in the classic android font. underneath them (right where the heart is that they’re holding) has a and that’s stylized how you seem them on tree’s where couple’s put their names in hearts. And then a sketched out handwritten “Me” underneath the person figure.

    Another idea is just a simple heart with “Android & Me” sketched out in the middle.

  59. RJGuest 4 years ago

    Another idea is Andy the Android on a skateboard and below him are the words “I’m running…” then there will be a white area where you can use a washable marker to write on to finish the sentence . Then people with these shirts can write down what ROM they’re currently running on their Android device.

  60. I don’t think this needs to be an anti-apple or even android vs. apple Tee. Android is awesome enough to warrant it’s own shirt.

    • AngieGuest 4 years ago

      Totally agree. Anti-apple is where your brain goes first in a way, but it is something we’ve seen a lot of. I think it would be nice to have more ideas that celebrate Android on its own, or are just fun ideas. Not that something anti-apple couldn’t look cool, it just isn’t a very new concept.

  61. TDTranGuest 4 years ago

    1. Have a chubby android guy slumped over and stuffing his face with ICS, froyo, eclair, gb, etc.

  62. Julian RodenGuest 4 years ago

    Andy is sitting at a long table with all of the android versions illustrated by their desert names (I. E. Doughnut, honeycomb, ice cream sandwich)(half eaten) with a messy mouth opening or whoever he has, saying underneath that, “Still. Hungry.”

  63. JGuest 4 years ago

    This probably isn’t very easy to make, but something where the android guy is a transformer… Maybe someone could make that cool in some way. lol

    • VinceGuest 4 years ago

      Another idea I had was to have Andy(Bug Droid) surrounded by the tasty OS treats (ice-cream sandwich, gingerbread, etc…) and have the text “PRO CHOICE”

      • VinceGuest 4 years ago

        Another idea would be a McDonald’s like sign. Have a giant A for the arch and then have: Android — over 150 million served.

        • VinceGuest 4 years ago

          How about a spin off of the “Jesus Loves You” meme, but instead of the Jesus statue that’s winking and pointing, have it be Andy(bugdroid) with the text “Android Loves You.”

          • VinceGuest 4 years ago

            Can you tell I want to win this?

            OK, here’s another one. Give Andy(bugdroid) some Ron Burgundy hair, a moustache, orange robe and have the text “I’m kind of a big deal.”

          • VinceGuest 4 years ago

            In the spirit of Halloween, you could have Andy (bugdroid) at a Halloween party with all the OS desserts (with or without costumes) and have him/them bobbing for apples/iphones.

            lol, I actually like this one a LOT! Many spin-off possibilities!

          • VinceGuest 4 years ago

            Another Halloween one! Have Andy (bugdroid) at the door with a bowl of white iphones to give away to Trick or Treaters!

  64. John NunezGuest 4 years ago

    My shirt design is just a picture of Andy on the front of the shirt, and he’s om nom nommin’ on one of his hands, which looks like an ice cream sandwich.

    In my head, this looks like a slightly altered version of the generic picture of Andy, but his hand he’s eating will obviously be out of place.

    It’s simple and recognizable enough that people will understand it, and it’s also cute and funny, so I think a shirt with this design would sell really well

  65. TDTranGuest 4 years ago

    2. Have somebody’s pant pocket or shirt pocket with a phone sticking out that has the andy logo on the screen. So the shirt would be sectioned off into a bunch of different squares that have a simple photo design (like a polaroid), and each photo would show a different scene (e.g. beach, downtown, classroom, grocery store, office, airplane, restaurant, park, car, gym etc.) with Andy peeking out of the pocket. These photos would be scattered throughout the shirt. The message here is that you take your android phone with you everywhere you go, hence “android and me.” Then on the bottom have text:

    • TDTranGuest 4 years ago

      The pocket is a close up of the pocket in the foreground of each photo, and the background would be the different scenes. So you dont actually see the whole person, just a close up of the pocket.

  66. JohnGuest 4 years ago

    Okay, I have an idea with a few options for the picture. The shirt will say “These are the Droids they were looking for”

    1. A sea of Andys, with the perspective above their heads (kind of like this:

    2. A hybrid between Andy and R2-D2 (I think this would look really cool)

    3. The hybrid Andy/R2 next to C3P0 (assuming there’s no fuss using C3P0′s likeness…)

    • AngieGuest 4 years ago

      I love the sea of Androids idea. It could look really nice for the crowd to gradually fade into the color of the shirt. Also the droids could look really similar but have slightly different personalities or moods.

  67. TDTranGuest 4 years ago

    A crowd of androids wearing different costumes (wigs, glasses, sunglasses, hats, shoes, suits, etc.). The message is that android users come from all walks of life.

    • TDTranGuest 4 years ago

      A bunch of these characters could also be shaped into a bigger Andy instead of having a scattered crowd. This symbolizes all the different types of users that make up the android user base.

  68. I’d wear a faux-baseball jersey Tee that has the word Android in that cool baseball cursive lettering. It could be Navy with green lettering and the back could be the different versions. For example, the number would say 1.5 and above it, instead of a name, it would say Cupcake all the way to 3.0 and Honeycomb (or 3.x whatever number is out at the time). Base Color is changeable, but I like the dark blue on android green look.

  69. JohnGuest 4 years ago

    Here is one of my ideas. The back would have on it. Or the front graphics could be on the back w/ on front.

  70. Cristhian BañalesGuest 4 years ago

    here is my idea, It’s a mix about memes, android and the competitors.
    for example, a tee could have the “apple” logo on the front (or the back) and the “Y U NO” meme yelling “Y U NO OPEN SOURCE!!”, then on the other side a circle of the android version logos and in the center of that circle an “AWWWW YEAHHH” meme.

  71. JoelGuest 4 years ago

    This is a something I have always wanted. I know it is simple, but I actually like how clean it is.
    I would also like to make stickers of the 4 soft-buttons for my car, laptop, tablet, phone back etc. You know, just to represent

  72. Cristhian BañalesGuest 4 years ago

    Here’s another idea, put some sort of eclipse like this
    but with Andy’s (the android logo) silhouette, I have no skills to draw it, but in my mind looks awesome.

  73. Keeping in mind that you want a concept my other idea is a boy/young man and his Android buddy.
    They go on adventures and places we do with our android devices. But it would have a funny scene on each shirt. One example is them hugging actually the boy hugging the Android and the Android having a pleasant look. We can add a little heart or something signifying their like for each other. The shirt would have “Android and Me.”

    They can also be listening to music and dancing. Again the shirt would say “Android and Me.” Maybe we can add a Google Music icon somewhere also.

    This will work with any of the Google services.

    I suck at drawing..i will try to draw something up.

  74. I am working on the rough drafts, but these are my two ideas:

    #1. Think car models, air plane models. Remember how most of the pieces were suspended by pieces of plastic in that rectangular plastic frame? My design for the tshirt will utilize that plastic frame, which is holding andy the bugdroid’s disassembled frame and internals.

    #2 R2D2 on the left, moving towards the right. Andy the bugdroid on the right, moving to the left. Both of them actually look VERY similar, they share the exact same body shape. Either way, they will be in a sort of stare off, with “?!” above both of their heads.

    I will post the images as soon as I am done with the rough drafts.

    9/21/11 @ 8:18pm PST

  75. Cristhian BañalesGuest 4 years ago

    Third idea:
    could be the android logo replacing nyan cat ( leaving a track of, I don’t know, desserts, ice cream, or something like that instead of the rainbow track.

  76. Greg BulmashGuest 4 years ago

    * The Android robot as Atlas, holding a globe on it’s “shoulders” with the slogan “The World Turns on Android”

    * The Android robot as Kilroy, the famed WWII era graffitti character. “Android Was Here”

    * Android as LOLcat: “Makin yr iPhone look weak!”

  77. ScottGuest 4 years ago

    I would love to have the tshirt with a picture of the green android eating an ice cream sandwich while pooping out a trail of jelly beans and steve jobs trailing behind eating them. Possibly have the green android wearing a shirt with a crossed out apple on it as well. Crossin my fingers but I know apple fans would love it!! NOT!!! LOL

  78. Simple, smart and effective. Just like our little green guy. Hope you like it ppl!.

  79. My attempt (just an idea, used shutterstock image)

  80. In good tradition to the Android theme of “open source” (I know it’s debatable) I was thinking of a Braveheart type theme with our Robot mascot painted up in full Braveheart fashion while rocking some Scottish garb and weaponry. Don’t forget his phone (representing sword) proudly hoisted in the air. Fading into the background the loyal Android Army also decked out with proper weaponry and 13th Century apparel. Noting the word “Freedom” in some old school print either on top of the logo or below as a reminder that Android is the most open of all mobile OS’s. The design would not be too big as to make the shirt overly gaudy. And of course sporting the “Android and Me” logo on the side of the sleeve. Now, if I could only draw what’s in my mind. I’d rock it.

  81. Artistically challenged Idea #1

    Each android would dress or look the part.

    This shirt would mimick the human evolution image.

    Cup cake eaten by a baby android
    Doughnut eaten by a toddler android
    Eclair eaten by a boy android
    Frozen yogurt eaten by a elementary school kid android
    Gingerbread eaten by a middle school kid android -Maybe a bit square to resemble a tablet.
    Honeycomb eaten by a high school kid android
    Ice cream sandwich eaten by an adult android

  82. Artistically challenged idea #2

    Cheezy Family Portrait like this.

    In the back. Green rotary dialed phone like this. (grandpa phone)
    Then dial phone like this (Dad phone)
    Then wireless phone like this. Must have antenna. (Mom phone)
    Then Android looking as if it is the child in the picture

  83. Cristhian BañalesGuest 4 years ago

    a giant andy in the middle of a city with skyscrapers, projecting an enormous shadow (of course it would be his silhouette) all over the place and maybe with the slogan “Android, just keeps growingr”

  84. Artistically challenged idea #3

    Android portrait to mimic this style.

    This should be easy to silk screen as it would be just one color on a black shirt.

  85. an android eating apples

  86. Artistically challenged idea #4


    One side of the shirt.
    Darwin picture with the word change.

    Other side of the shirt.
    Android picture with the words change faster.

  87. Eric VaughanGuest 4 years ago

    Attempt #1. Simple, large logo with a fun font. It could go on any shirt color, but I preferred it looking a bit faded on this light blue.

    Men’s –

    Women’s –

  88. Attempt #1 is a simple, large faded logo combined with a fun font. It would look good on any color, but I preferred it looking faded on this light blue color.

    Men’s –

    Women’s –

  89. cb2000aGuest 4 years ago

    How about the lil green guy taking a bite out of an Apple?

  90. Android and Me all over print anybody?

  91. Hary AyalaGuest 4 years ago

    This one is only an idea, my measly PS skills can’t show this… have the android guy holding some ropes over his shoulder, and behind it each rope is attached to the logo of other OS’s (Symbian, iOS, Windows8, WebOS) and drag marks behind them, with the text, “This is what innovation looks like”


  92. D.KingGuest 4 years ago

    Have the entire android family with a caption that says “Where were you when the Droids took over!”

  93. mrbill187Guest 4 years ago

    A picture of every dessert item A-Z lined up on a conveyor belt (all existing versions of android represented already, cupcake, eclair, gingerbread, honeycomb etc etc.). Unnamed versions of android we can speculate on a dessert for it such as Jellybean. At the end of the conveyor belt, the android robot is waiting to nom nom each dessert item.

  94. SadSephirothGuest 4 years ago

    How about A pac man board laid out with android head as pacman, and aplle and windows phone symbols or the like as the ghosts, and the android just gobbled up one of the blue dots. maybe make an ice cream sanwhich as the fruit on the side?

  95. I got my idea from two of my favorite Android T-Shirts, King Kong Andy and Unstoppable Andy.

    I wanted to recreate the scene from Jurassic where the T-Rex is about to eat the Lawyer. In this version the Android replaces the T-Rex and Steve Jobs replaces the lawyer and call it Jurassic Andy.

    Here’s my quick cut and paste job in Photoshop in how I would like it to look.

  96. CJGuest 4 years ago

    Obviously not the best artistic skills, but it’s late.

    My idea, Andy the Android in the kitchen enjoying a warm apple pie. Various apple slices still laying about the counter. It doesn’t get more American than apple pie. Of course, everyone is free to their own interpretation.

  97. My first idea is simple but really cool! it’s andy looking kinda like superman but has an ice cream sandwich on his chest and is looking all plump and built like superman… here’s a quick sketch from photoshop (I’m sure you could do a lot better!) lol

  98. This idea is more… hippie :P but i like it bc it shows the diversity in android users. it’s andy in the middle and all these different android avatars around him. what i show on the link below isnt exactly it. I think andy and the avatars should be holding hands and then y’all could print “android and me” below. it might even be cool to add a second row of avatars just to show more dimension.

  99. My next idea is kind of like the one above except the avatars are all over the shirt. andy is still in the middle maybe eating some ice cream, but then there’s all these avatars all around him and all over the shirt doing different things like working out, dancing, reading, riding a motorcycle, chewing gum & blowing bubbles, some eating ice cream too. all different things so that every character on the shirt would be interesting/relatable in some way

    • and even have some of the avatars represent past versions, like one could be eating a cupcake, another avatar could be the gingerbread man and so on…

  100. TDTranGuest 4 years ago

    Andy dressed up kind of like the Statue of Liberty in a crown, robe, and holding an android smartphone and android tablet (instead of torch and tabula ansata) in either hand. Underneath this have the text, “freedom,” in the android font.

  101. Here’s mine: Andy is holding up the earth in similar style to the worlds strongest man trophy with the saying “The World is yours” going along the circumference of the globe (of course that quote is inspired by Scarface). Then for the globe it should be colored in With inspiration from desserts and past android releases. For example gingerbread could be the land masses and froyo the polar ice caps. Then some mountain ranges could be made of donuts laid on top of one another.

  102. TDTranGuest 4 years ago

    Have a cartoony Isaac Newton (with long curly white wig) sitting under a tree using an android tablet/smartphone, and instead of an apple falling on his head, have andy bounce off his head. The falling and bouncing path could be drawn in with dashed lines.

  103. Samer SerhanGuest 4 years ago

    I think a t shirt showing an angry Droid with red eyes, with a black background

    with DROID accross the back , would be EPIC

  104. FINAL EDIT:

    the honeycomb cuts out a shape reminiscent of a crown, symbolizing that android will soon “rule them all”

  105. frankGuest 4 years ago

    Proposal :
    - front : lots of tiny different androids (woman and men) making a greater picture of the world (the 2 globes side by side without ommiting the continents)
    - rear : an alien spaceship with a green martian on board (coup̩) wondering what is happening downunder (smaller scale of the front picture in background Рandroids not visible, rather colored dots similar to front andys)

    Enjoy :-)

  106. Haven’t read through all the suggestions, so no idea if someone’s already suggested this, but I’m thinking of something that emphasizes the customisation of Android.

    The Graphic could be something that looks like a book with pages flying out, or lot’s of very thin smart phones, with each screen/page holding either:
    A different version of Andy (i.e. dressed up in all the different costumes we’ve seen him in).
    Or a different cartoonised person, regular people, people in uniform, young, old, all different.
    Or lot’s of different homescreen layouts (i.e. something along these lines: – but drawn, not actual).

    Then the text on it should say, either:
    Be different, be android.
    We are Android (/I am Android).
    Android, home of customisation (or Android, customised for you – then in subtext “and me, and him and her and them”..).

    - Any of which would have a little sub-text of underneath.

    Hope that makes sense…

    • Just thought, should change “Android, customised for you” to “Android, customised by you”.

      Also, at home I have a t-shirt that has on it a penguin made up of lot’s of different images and slogans (I was trying to find an image of it online, but can’t). So maybe either Andy or the AndriodAndMe logo, made up of either lot’s of little logo’s and slogans, i.e. including all the manufactures ones, the big mobile phone companies + either images of phones, or their names.
      Or same as above, but made up of lot’s of different app icons, i.e. gmail, maps, plus, search, home, web, then start with the current top 20 on the market and work out…

      Only problem with above, might be copyright..?


    also i thought of andy dressed as hulk hogan with the google-rola head band saying “what you gunna do brother now that i got the patents to fight off you

    also andy as joker burning iphones while say everything burns

    also andy as like a gundam

  108. A take on the old, “Intel Inside” slogan:
    Have the circle (in green), with Andy climbing out through the little gap in the top right, then inside it would read “Android inside, outside, everywhere” with the inside and outside crossed out.

    Then on the back could be a stylised version of everything Android might/could/should end up in, including the obvious, smartphone’s, tablets, TV’s and the not so obvious, light bulbs, fridges, doors, heating, i.e. all the Android@Home things, car’s, bike’s, etc…

  109. Or if we want an Android vs Apple one, Andy sitting back with an Orange (or other non Apple fruit) in his hand, with the speech bubble of “What, you thought I only ate apples”…

  110. Andy being depicted using all of the existing versions of Android (cupcake, donut, eclair…).

  111. This is a drawing of all the versions of Android stack on top of each other in the shape of a pyramid. I wanted to show that each new version of android builds on top of the previous versions, this is why Android is so sophisticated and innovative.

  112. Not meant to offend anyone (apple fanboys), more for the humor of whats happening with mobile world.

  113. Since my post with links is still awaiting moderation, I’ll try this on the off chance that replying to myself is what is causing the moderation:
    Darn, img tags aren’t supported. Here’s the links instead:

    1. 2. 3.

  114. I’ll be uploading a few

    Currently there are three designs (09/22/2011) but i will add more and more over the next few days, so cheack back and comment please!


    I think shirts for companies need te be clean and simple, no bashing or stuffing the canvas.

    looking forward to your opinions!

    • Im adding more and more every day!

      I don’t have time to check all the submissions in the thread, but scrolling through i might pick up some suggestions. If you feel like i stole your idea, my apologies in advance, i’ll be totally honest!

      Please check out my growing collection and make some comments!

  115. Chris BatesGuest 4 years ago

    I have always wanted a shit with an Android holding the entire earth above his head like the Greek titan Atlas. I would attempt to draw it out, but I am afraid that would just hurt my idea. If you want to know what my drawing would have looked like, imagine a green ball with sticks for arms/legs/antennae with a giant ball above its head with some scribbles that look sort of like Pangaea…yea mad art skills :D
    Although…as a joke shirt my rendering may actually work If you do want that one I could draw it up on request.

  116. KevinGuest 4 years ago

    Here’s my idea for a shirt.

    Have a cartoon Steve Jobs standing against a wall with an apple sitting on his head.
    Have Andy standing on the other side with a bow and arrow pointed at him, William Tell style.

  117. Eric GGuest 4 years ago

    Here’s my idea:

    Andy is a professor standing at the front of the classroom. He’s got Einstein’s hair and is dressed like a professor – cordoruy sportcoat with elbow patches and all. The point is he’s teaching a class and all of the little kids (maybe little androids?) are sitting in their seats learning the alphabet. There’s a projector displaying the ABC’s on a screen, and each letter has a pic of the dessert associated with it. Next to Andy’s desk is a waste can, and poking out the top of it is the “rainbow stripe bitten apple” logo. In the corner of the room is a kid, dressed like steve jobs, writing line after line on the chalk board “I will embrace openness and change” (or something along those lines).

    Thoughts? Please show me some tab loving!!!

  118. This is something i made relating to the giveaway.. i hope you people like it..

    I will be uploading some more photos soon

  119. DanGuest 4 years ago

    1) Black golf shirt: On the left sleeve you put the Android and me comment logo like right along the seam in green (branding). On the right sleeve you put 2 wider stripes over the shoulder area. On the front of the shirt you simply put an outline of Andy like there is a white light shining around him where the normal logo goes. On the back, at the top between the shoulders very simply put

    2)On the front of the shirt, “When was the last time you used your phone to make a call?” On the back of the shirt, I would have Andy and a QR code between the shoulders. And of course the branding on the left sleeve.

  120. How about 7 little Andys dressed up as the Seven Dwarves. We could have them looking on from the background as the witch is offering Snow White….. an Apple!

  121. Here’s my pencil sketch..

    Alternative tag lines can be:
    Go Green!
    Gets all the girls!

  122. JasyaGuest 4 years ago

    opeN SublimysTIC Androïd :)

    I hope you people like it

  123. Here’s #2: This is more for girls’ Tees

    As with the last one, descriptive stuff is in redish text (they explain what I cannot capture well enough in the drawing)
    Hope you’ll love it!

  124. BrianGuest 4 years ago

    I was thinking keep it simple let the little guy shine. I would like to see a black t-shirt with Andy front and center on the shirt standing on the word, powered. Him and the word powered would be in green of course. on the back up by the collar centered on the shirt would be in gray androidandme. I think this would get peoples attention and would be a great statement.

  125. WesleyGuest 4 years ago

    I can’t draw at all but here’s my quick idea.

    Android robot as a zombie stepping on top of a windows logo while biting a chuck out of the top of an apple logo.

  126. How about an android figure relaxing on top of a world globe eating an apple? I think this would be Awesome!!

  127. Aaron HullGuest 4 years ago

    It’s like those skeleton shirts you see where the bones on the front correlate to your body but with the inside of the phone. The processor would be your heart, the screen would be the face, the speakers the ears, the receiver the mouth. RAM would be the lungs, and for the arms and legs, apps. Like music and angry birds, the market, facebook, etc.

  128. RyanGuest 4 years ago

    Okay, one more submission from some late night inspiration:

    The front of the shirt should have four apple cores side-by-side, with smoke/steam coming from them, and underneath the cores would be the text: “Android: smoking cores since 2007″

  129. SylvainGuest 4 years ago

    I have two declinations here : and for the android inside us !

  130. SylvainGuest 4 years ago

    One more submit, it’s a tribute to the founding fathers of android inc. :

  131. SylvainGuest 4 years ago

    Ooops my previous comment didn’t show up, so I repost my first submit, for the android inside us : and a declination straight to the heart :

  132. SylvainGuest 4 years ago

    Ooops my previous comment didn’t show up, so I repost my first submit, for the android inside us :

  133. “To enter to win, all you’ve gotta do is submit an idea for a bitchin’ Android tee.” as I read this I get the idea the t-shirt can be eligible for the contest as long as it has an Android Theme. Why people keep submitting Android And Me t-shirt, did I understand wrong? Do I need to make an A&ME t-shirt?

  134. okay here is my shot. Im not very good at this stuff …

    Shirt One:

    Shirt 2:

    On Picture 2 I cant take credit for the picture or thought, I think it would be awesome on a Tshirt if its not already.

  135. Hope i’m not hurt anyone!

    Look my entry at

    I <3 Android and YOU :)

  136. Shane RussellGuest 4 years ago

    First idea is a take an the evolution of man. So something like this

  137. Contest to win a galaxy tab and I (Portuguese) can enter??? Count me in! :D

  138. AnimateGuest 4 years ago

    A gray or white T-shirt.

    Andy the Android is lying down from a sugar rush with all of the different Android version represented as a desert with each having a bite or 2 taken out of them. ice cream Sandwhich can be in his hand melting.

  139. Johan RibbingGuest 4 years ago

    Think mine might need an intro:

    It hit me that if you flap open Andy’s head on the side he looks kind of like Terrance & Phillip from South Park. This got me thinking of the episode that was supposed to reveal who Cartman’s father is – instead of this reveal we got “Terrance & Phillip in Not Without My Anus” (

    So heres two different versions on that theme:

    Imagine bumping into an avid Android & South Park-fan wearing this shirt. The one time in your life it happens you’re gonna be god.

  140. mackGuest 4 years ago

    My idea

    Tim Cook is at a restaurant,the green Android robot is the server and he keeps serving Mr. cook plates of food. Each plate of food is a different version of android. Cupcake
    Ice cream sandwhich

    On the back Tim cook finishes his plates of food. he pushes his chair back and rubs his now now expanded belly while looking sick.

  141. Johan RibbingGuest 4 years ago

    Here’s another contribution:

    And a (pretty random) food-related one that might need some work:

    And yeah, I have all my contributions (both these two and the “not without my andy”-one) as .ai-files as well if that helps :).

  142. MackGuest 4 years ago

    The setting is a classroom; The android robot is a teacher with about 15 students.. the students wait till the teacher turns around and then proceed to have a huge food fight. The food used in the food fight is the different versions of android OS so far..Cupcake
    Ice cream sandwhich