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European (global?) Google Voice release in the works


Google Voice is one of the best services the Search Giant has to offer. With free texting, visual voicemail and call-forwarding on all your phones, along with cheap international calls, Google Voice has been saving us all quite a bit of cash. Not only does this service save users money, but it also provides a convenient, multi-platform environment. Like other great services, though, Google Voice is limited to the US. Google is now looking to change this.

Google’s European Director of Business Development, Jens Redmer, made a surprise appearance at the European Pirate Summit in Cologne, Germany. After holding a Q&A session, Redmer mentioned that Google is taking “concrete work” on making Google Voice available to European nations. (And, we assume, other continents/countries, as well).

As expected, no dates or time frames were given. (Google does not tend to talk much about services/products ahead of announcements). Redmer did clarify, however, that the delay is not only due to the work it takes for Google to port the service over. It was explained that telephone services have to go through certain legal hoops, which can be a bit time-consuming.

While the service is not yet available, Martin Bryant (from The Next Web) got some good news after the session was over. Redmer told him that, while the service is not available in Europe yet, it is actually working already. Google has been “dogfooding” (internally testing) this service in the European nations. Redmer has been using it personally, and it seems like his favorite feature is the Visual Voicemail (voicemail transcription).

Since Google Voice is all set to work in Europe, the service should be coming out as soon as they go through the legal processes. This shouldn’t take too long, but you never know. When do you think this service will start hitting other countries? What other markets do you think Google is planning to release this service in? Are any of our international readers excited to check out Google Voice?

Via: Android Police

Source: The Next Web

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