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Google acquires local ratings expert Zagat; Maps integration coming soon


Google isn’t shy when it comes to acquiring other companies to bolster their already robust selection of services. Today’s acquisition of Zagat is a perfect example.

Zagat is a restaurant rating service that thrives in the “local” arena. Using a scale of 1-30, Tim and Nina Zagat, friends, family and other die-hard foodies have critiqued restaurants for over 30 years now. Currently available in over 100 cities, Zagat’s sophisticated rating system will soon be integrated into Google services. Maps, Places and Search will all see some form of integration in the coming months.

Zagat has suffered lately due to the shift in information distribution. What originally started as a locally shared paper book hasn’t had the best luck in making the transition to digital. Details surrounding the acquisition are sparse, but as expected, both companies are putting on a smiling face for the public. Zagat gets to live on in some of the most frequently used web services to date, while Google gains yet another reputable name to add to their portfolio of acquisitions.

Who do you use for restaurant rating? Yelp, Zagat, Google Places, Urbanspoon? Let us know in the comments below.


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