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Google tells devs to get their apps ready for Ice Cream Sandwich


As we count down to the release of the next version of Android, codenamed Ice Cream Sandwich, more clues are beginning to drop. Today Google made a post on the Android Developers blog that informs devs of how to prepare their apps for Ice Cream Sandwich.

Scott Main, lead tech writer for, describes how the upcoming Android release will support big screens, small screens and everything in between. Since Android apps are forward-compatible, this means tablet apps developed for Honeycomb will also run on Ice Cream Sandwich.

Most Honeycomb apps were designed to run on a big screen, so devs must either “prevent installation on smaller screens or (preferably) support smaller screens with the same APK.”

The Honeycomb action bar will make its way to phones.

Scott also tells us that Ice Cream Sandwich will bring all the Honeycomb APIs to handsets. This means design elements like the action bar and fragments will be implemented on a smaller screen. Developers will need to “create ‘single-pane’ layouts for handsets and ‘multi-pane’ layouts for tablets.”

Hopefully this is a sign that the Ice Cream Sandwich software development kit (SDK) is nearing release. Last year Google released the Gingerbread SDK on the same day they announced the Nexus S. The device went on sale at Best Buy ten days later.

Could the Ice Cream Sandwich SDK be out in a matter of weeks? We should find out soon, but all signs point to “yes.”

Source: Android Developers Blog

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