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J.D. Power and Associates consumer satisfaction study ranks top smartphone makers


Twice a year J.D. Power and Associates publishes its US Wireless Handset Customer Satisfaction Studies report, which gives us a look at what phones consumers like the most. Rather than breaking things down by individual handsets, the report has grouped the data by manufacturer since those numbers should give consumers a clear understanding of how the brand performs as a whole.

While we would like our favorite Android manufacturers to come out on top in the smartphone segment, the numbers show that Apple has been crowned king once again. This is the sixth time in three years that Apple has taken the number one spot.  HTC, Samsung and Motorola have claimed spots two, three and four while RIM, LG, Palm and Nokia round out the top eight.

What’s most interesting about the J.D. Power and Associates report is how they have broken down consumer satisfaction for smartphones by hardware size, weight and features. Just as an example, the report finds that satisfaction numbers are higher for smartphones that weigh less than 5 ounces (8.1 out of 10) than those that weigh more (7.6 out of ten). The same is true for handset thickness for phones that are less than 0.45 inched wide (852 out of 1,000) when compared to phones that are 0.65 inches wide (783 out of 1,000).

Other features, such as processor speed, display technology (Super AMOLED versus LCD), and even camera megapixel count, play a significant role in overall consumer satisfaction. While we may think that specs alone should boost at least one smartphone manufacturer above Apple, the sheer number of handset choices from Motorola, HTC and Samsung make it a lot harder to compete since Apple only focuses on one product at a time.

It’s not unexpected that satisfaction is higher for devices that have new technological advances or features. Having the right combination of physical dimensions and operating functions and features for both smartphones and traditionally equipped devices is key to creating an exceptional ownership experience with each type of wireless device.Kirk ParsonsJ.D. Power and Associates

So let’s turn this over to you. What phone do you currently own and how satisfied are you with its features? Feel free to add in all the phones you have ever owned. This should give us a clear picture of how different manufacturers have improved over time.

Source: J.D. Power

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