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NVIDIA CEO opens up on the future of mobile processors; reaffirms quad-core availability by Q4 2011


In a recent sit-down with reporters, NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang was, as usual, not afraid to talk some serious business. Huang opened up on the future of Android tablets, quad-core processors and NVIDIA’s continued role as a hardware manufacturer.

In the eyes of Jen-Hsun Huang, the future of a mobile processor manufacturer is a bright one. As of right now, Huang estimates some 100 million devices are in need of mobile processors. By utilizing those consumer needs and placing a laser focus on processor manufacturing, NVIDIA could be making as much as $5 billion by 2013. Demand for mobile silicone is on the rise, and in turn those numbers are only going to go up. By 2015 Huang says over one billion devices will be in need of the technology NVIDIA is eager to supply. If NVIDIA stays sharp and continues down the path they’re on, the company could be making $20 billion from mobile processors alone by then.

NVIDIA will still be heavily involved with the computer graphics industry, but a major shift to mobile processing is where the company’s future lies. And with acquisitions of companies like Icera (allowing NVIDIA to manufacture multi-band LTE 4G/3G/2G modems), NVIDIA may have their work cut out for them. Of course continuing forward, NVIDIA still has some sharp competition ahead of them.

While Huang believes NVIDIA’s only real competition at this time is Qualcomm, other manufacturers are prepping to go all out as well. Intel, TI and AMD are just some of the companies who could turn out to be major players in the mobile processor game. One major advantage NVIDIA does have is a working first-to-market strategy. NVIDIA was swift to deliver a dual-core solution with their Tegra 2, which turned out to be a major turning point for their mobile processor division. Of all the Android tablets available right now, NVIDIA supposedly powers some 70 percent. If that holds true in the future (once Android tablets hit Huang’s estimate of 50 percent of the total tablet market), NVIDIA will be cranking out some serious business. And with Huang reaffirming NVIDIA’s plans for Q4 availability of quad-core mobile processors today, they’ll have the jump on that market as well.

Look for NVIDIA to be doing some great things as this year rolls into the next. Quad-core tablets and quad-core phones are just two of the tricks NVIDIA has up its sleeve. Who knows what else the company has in store?

Source: CNET

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