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Patent wars: T-Mobile backs Verizon and Samsung in the fight against Apple


It wasn’t even a week ago that US carrier Verizon filed court papers to block Apple’s request to ban certain Samsung devices from the market. In the filing, Verizon has said that banning devices like the Galaxy Tab 10.1, Droid Charge, Infuse and Galaxy S 4G would not only hurt the company, but hurt consumer choice and the economy, as well. Today, T-Mobile has stepped up to voice their opinion on the situation.

According to a court filing T-Mobile made today, Magenta thinks a decision in Apple’s favor would “unnecessarily harm” the carrier and its users. T-Mobile has been very clear that the holiday season depends on Samsung devices. They’ve already ordered enough to get them through Q4 2011; an investment that “cannot be recouped easily.” They continue on to say, “at this late date, T-Mobile could not find comparable replacement products for the 2011 holiday season.”

It’s clear that T-Mobile is worried about losing revenue above all else, but consumers would largely benefit should Apple’s injunction be rejected. The hearing on the injunction is only two weeks away, so don’t be surprised if we see some other big names come up to support either side. Last time we brought up third-party voices in Samsung and Apple’s legal battles, the general opinion seemed to be that they were a good thing. Still feel that way?

Source: Reuters

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