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Pre-order the Sprint Samsung Epic 4G Touch for only $150


Pre-ordering high-end Android phones isn’t anything new. It saves you the hassle of rushing out to buy your new phone on launch day, but what if a pre-order actually saved you money? If you’re planning to buy the Samsung Epic 4G Touch from Sprint, we suggest you head on over to WireFly where they’re handing out a 25% discount for anyone who pre-orders the phone. Android phones for $149.99 aren’t that hard to come by, but we can’t remember the last time you could get a brand new flagship phone for that price.

So what are you waiting for? Click the source link below and treat yourself to something nice for a change. You deserve it!  Once you purchase your phone, feel free to point your finger and laugh at Verizon customers who are forced to pay at least $100 more for their flagship 4G phones.

Source: Wirefly

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