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Samsung confirms upcoming Google phone will be named Nexus Prime


Samsung might have just confirmed the next “Google Phone” will be called Nexus Prime. The company has decided to upload the User Agent Profile file of the device with “Nexus Prime” clearly written on it. A name that was actually first brought to light by our very own Taylor way back in May. The page also officially confirms the GT-I9250 device as being the Nexus Prime, something we didn’t know for sure until now.

As you might already know, the GT-I9250 is in the process of getting both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth certifications, which means that an official release by Google or Samsung might not be that far off. This fits perfectly with that rumor we heard a while back about Google rushing the release of the Nexus Prime in order to compete with the iPhone 5. However, we also heard last month that the GT-I9250 will be released between November 28 and December 4. It’s completely up to you which rumor to believe.

The User Agent Profile page also reveals a 480 x 800 WVGA resolution screen and an ARM11 processor. Having said that, this could very well be just a placeholder for the real specs, which will most likely be something along the lines of a OMAP4 processor and a 720p screen.

It’s quite interesting that Google has once again chosen Samsung to build a Nexus device. Maybe those rumors about Andy Rubin being a huge Samsung fan are true after all. On one hand, I’m kind of happy that my next phone will be made by Samsung and not LG or Sony Ericsson. But on the other hand, I’d have liked to see Google give someone else a chance at bat.

To wrap up, the next “Google Phone” will be made by Samsung and be called Nexus Prime. It’ll surely launch with Ice Cream Sandwich, and it might be powered by an OMAP4 processor with a 720p screen. Stay tuned to Android and Me, I’m pretty sure Mr. BlurryCam will have its way with one of these in the near future.

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