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Square Enix to bring 3 games to Android, including Chrono Trigger

3 years ago 23

Hard core gamers know that, when it comes to RPGs, no game developer can beat Square Enix (previously known as Squaresoft). But Square Enix hasn’t done much for the Android platform (unless you’re a huge Crystal Defenders fan), and gamers are hoping to get some good games from the Final Fantasy creators. Maybe even Final Fantasy games. Why not? Final Fantasy 7, anyone?

We’re not that lucky yet. But Square Enix has announced that some good games will be coming to Android (and iOS) users. Today during the Tokio Game Show, Square Enix said Chrono Trigger (yes, the Super Nintendo one!), Dragon Quest Monsters and Ithadaki Street would be released for both major platforms.

As Square Enix gets more involved in Android development, we should see more–and better–games showing up. iOS users currently have Chaos Rings, which is one of the best RPG games for mobile devices out there. We Android users sure hope to get such quality games from Square Enix. What games would you guys like to see? Chaos Rings? Any of the Final Fantasy games? Do you guys prefer new mobile/Android exclusive games?