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Video: HP Touchpad dual-booting Android 2.3.5, webOS


By now most of you know there are quite a few people working on bringing Android to the HP TouchPad.  Things are moving along quite nicely, but it’ll be a while before we have a fully functional Android port.  The latest video from Team Touch-DROID shows the progress on the dual-boot front, which should allow users to keep webOS fully functional even if they choose to flash Android onto the TouchPad.  The dual-boot process currently requires the device to be connected to a PC to enter commands manually.

Team Touch-DROID and others are working hard to enable touchscreen and hardware acceleration so that Android runs smoothly on the TouchPad’s dual-core Qualcomm processor.  We’re really excited about the progress the development community has already done and can’t wait until things are stable enough for the general public to use.  Once Android is up and running, would you prefer a dual-boot system to keep webOS alive, or do you plan to simply kill it off in favor of Android?

Source: Team TouchDROID

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