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Video: Kindle Fire’s web browser is smooth as Silk


The biggest product in tech news today is the Kindle Fire. Not only is Amazon offering a strong tablet/reader for a price below $200, but they’re also introducing the Silk Browser[1]. This is no regular browser; it’s actually a cloud-accelerated browser meant to revolutionize mobile computing.

How is this browser different? Well, the Silk Browser actually works in the cloud with Amazon’s servers. It functions much like Skyfire does with videos (makes Flash videos smaller and optimizes them for mobile screens). Likewise, the Silk Browser will take content (images, videos, etc.) and convert them into smaller files. This will make your browser significantly faster.

That’s not all, though. Much like Google, Amazon’s servers will be taking notes on your browsing habits. Supposedly, this is done in order to improve your web experience in the long run. By tracking your browsing behavior, the Silk Browser can predict what links you might hit and will begin to cache the information ahead of time.

Pretty neat, right? Something to ponder, though, is security. Not that other internet services aren’t doing it already, but Amazon will be storing your personal trends and data. This will probably be used to better target advertising. But what else could they do with this data? (We know some of you worry more than others). There will probably be some very personal stuff in those servers. Would you like Amazon learning to pre-cache your personal stuff (e-mail, social networks, all those little secrets many of you keep around)?

Some users will probably frown upon such an idea. But as already mentioned, this is similar to what Google already does. It analyzes our browsing habits and personal info to bring more user-specific advertising. As Android users, Google probably knows more about us than our own families.

Check out Amazon’s explanation of how the Silk Browser works, and hit the comments section to let us know what you think. Will you be getting a Kindle Fire? Are you looking forward to trying the new Silk Browser?


  1. Image via CrazyEngineers

Source: Kindle (YouTube)

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