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Rockstar Games bringing Grand Theft Auto III to Tegra 3 devices this year


We already knew that Grand Theft Auto III was coming to select Android devices, but today we learned it will support USB controllers, come in an optimized version for Tegra 3 devices and launch this year. Adam Rosenberg of Digital Trends paid a visit to Rockstar’s New York offices this week and reported on his hands-on time with the latest build of the game.

Adam says he first saw the game played on a as-of-yet-unreleased “Project Kal-El” tablet (Transformer Prime?) controlled by a wired Xbox 360 controller and hooked up to a HDTV. He notes that Rockstar boosted the graphics with newly created textures, more complex characters with higher polygon count and higher resolution assets from the game’s PC release. “It’s immediately clear that this is a much better looking version of the game than most people played on their PS2s.”

When it comes to gameplay and content, things will mostly remain untouched with the exception of the touch controls that are still being tweaked. I was a huge fan of the original game that was released 10 years ago, so I’m excited about getting my hands on this latest version and reliving some memories.

ASUS is announcing the first Tegra 3 tablet on November 9, and Rockstar Games is gearing up to release the trailer for GTA V. Be on the lookout for a release date announcement soon.

Via: Digital Trends

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