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Video: Google Translate with Conversation Mode now available in 14 languages

The things Google manages to accomplish with voice never cease to amaze me. Today, the Google Translate app for Android has been update with an enhanced Conversation Mode that works with a total of 14 different languages.

If you haven’t tried Conversation Mode in the Google Translate app, it’s truly amazing. All you have to do is select the language you want your voice translated into, press the “enter Conversation Mode” banner near the bottom of the screen and say whatever it is you need translated. The Conversation Mode display looks similar to an instant message box. Bubbles of text pop up offering the the original spoken language, along with a text and audio translation. On the bottom of the screen in Conversation Mode, there’s a button you can press to speak that changes languages depending on who’s turn it is in the conversation.

In my short time with the latest version of Conversation Mode, using both Spanish and Japanese, it works great. The translated voices are really impressive. If the quality of translation and voice technology built into Google Translate is any indication of where voice commands are headed in Android, it’s going to be wild. To download the latest Google Translate for Android, just use the widget below.


Source: Google Mobile Blog

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