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Competition heats up, Amazon Kindle Fire to become best selling Android tablet this year

Kindle Fire

Would it surprise you to learn that Amazon could have the best selling Android tablet by the end of the year? Several weeks ago a leak surfaced that suggested Amazon was racking up 50,000 pre-orders per day of their newly announced $199 Kindle Fire. It now appears those numbers were on target because both Digitimes and J.P. Morgan are predicting Amazon will ship around 5 million units in Q4.

Depending on your definition of an Android tablet, we believe there to be anywhere between 4 million to 6 million units sold so far. There hasn’t been a real Android tablet success story to date, and these numbers are the sum of hundreds of different devices. If Amazon can really meet the demand and move 5 million units this year, they would easily become the best selling Android tablet ever.

I’ll admit that I wasn’t exactly blown away by the Kindle Fire announcement and I wanted to see what Google had in store for Android 4.0, but I’m still an Amazon Prime customer and I wanted to experience the launch first hand, so I went ahead and pre-ordered one. Hey it’s my job, ya know?

Now when I survey the Android tablet market, I only see two devices that are relevant. We have the bargain-bin priced Kindle Fire at $199 and the ultra-performance Transformer Prime at $499.

When these two tablets hit the market in November, I no longer see anyone else being able to compete on price or end user experience. Once you start talking about the mid-range of Android tablets, everything will now be over-priced or under-powered.

If you are in the market for an Android tablet this Christmas, I’m curious which device you are leaning towards. Have you already pre-ordered the Kindle Fire? Waiting on the quad-core Transformer Prime? Already have a Honeycomb tablet and holding out for an update to Android 4.0? Or is there some other device that you think better meets your needs?

Source: Digitimes

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