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Correction: Droid RAZR has same CPU as Galaxy Nexus [Update: Or maybe not...]


We joked about the Droid RAZR being overshadowed this week by the Galaxy Nexus, and in doing so we made a mistake. I incorrectly stated several times that the Droid RAZR featured the 1.2 GHz OMAP4430, but it actually has the newer 1.2 GHz OMAP4460, which happens to be the same exact processor found in the Galaxy Nexus.

The processor model was not specified in the original press release, but Motorola revealed the OMAP4460 processor model on their Motodev product page. As far as I can tell, the only difference with the OMAP4460 model is the PowerVR SGX540 GPU has been cranked up to 384 MHz (compared to 304 MHz in the OMAP4430).

If you don’t plan to upgrade your phone for awhile, the Droid RAZR is expected to get Android 4.0 in early 2012. This would put it on a level playing field with the Galaxy Nexus. It will be interesting to see how both launches are executed and the initial reaction from consumers.

Do we have any Motorola fanboys in the audience? Convince me why the Droid RAZR is better than the Galaxy Nexus.

Update: Ok someone is having fun with me. As soon as I hit publish, Motorola switched the product listing back to OMAP4430. The mystery continues.

Source: Motorola

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