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It’s nights like this when insomnia is not so bad after all. Samsung has decided to give us a late night treat: a showing of what’s to come during the Samsung Unpacked announcement at CTIA in San Diego. And it is big. Yes, loyal readers, it looks like we finally have the Nexus Prime‘s first official glimpse, straight from the manufacturer.

Samsung has just released a commercial for their announcement at CTIA, and for a few seconds at the end of the video, you can see a device with a curved screen (like the Nexus S). We are quite sure this is the insanely anticipated Samsung Nexus Prime, which made a supposed appearance this morning, courtesy of Mr. Blurrycam.

Aside from the curved screen, we can also see some pin connectors, which could be for a dock. No other major details are given in the video, but now we know what to expect! Taylor and I will be right there covering this event, so definitely stay tuned for more details coming next week (October 11).

Like us, you have to be excited after all those long months of waiting. Hit the comments section to express those feelings! We know many of you are about to explode.

Update 1: Our own Dustin chopped up some images to compare the Nexus family below.

Update 2

Samsung has recently updated the video to show a couple extra scenes. One of them is another “perfect combination,” which displays a bride and a groom.

There is also a new comment at the end of the video. It states: “Always ahead of the curve.” We assume that this is a play on words with the Nexus Prime’s curved screen and the fact that it is “better” than a certain device that was just announced yesterday – the iPhone 4S.

Throwing “curve” balls, aren’t we, Samsung? Check out the new video posted right below, and let’s hope that the video keeps being updated. Hopefully next time with more details about the device!

Via: Android Police

Source: Samsung Mobile

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