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GSM Nexus Prime visits the FCC, bound for AT&T, possibly T-Mobile?


We urged our readers to take rumors that Verizon will get a lasting exclusive on the Nexus Prime with a grain of salt. A recent FCC filing certainly suggests that there will be plenty of Primes to go around.

The phone is identified here as the GT-I9250, but we’ve seen that model number for the Nexus Prime several times now.

The device was cleared on the relevant bands for AT&T and T-Mobile HSPA service, but lacks an obvious, definite indication of which carrier this phone might be destined for. If you live in one of the handful of locations that are offering AT&T LTE at the moment, I’m sorry to say there is no sign of LTE in this version of the Nexus Prime.

There’s still the chance that this is just the international version of the Nexus Prime getting its clearance to do some traveling in the states, but I firmly believe that Google wouldn’t restrict the Nexus Prime’s US audience in that way.

In addition to the cell radios, we’ve got Bluetooth, dual-band 802.11n WiFi and NFC playing nicely together in the Prime’s slim and sleek shell.

The announcement next week may have been postponed, but this is a solid reminder that the Nexus Prime is coming. Samsung and Google won’t be keeping us in suspense much longer.

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Source: FCC

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