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Logitech Revue packaging boasts Android 3.1, Android Market for “new and improved” Google TV


After slashing the prices down to a mere $99, the Logitech Revue became the best alternative option for Google TV. Not to mention the fact that Logitech promised to upgrade this little device to the Honeycomb-based version Google plans to release soon.

We were expecting this update to come in September. Neither Google nor Logitech have made any other announcements since then. September came and left, and now October is close to its end. We’re still waiting patiently, but it seems the wait might soon be over. Logitech has started to make packaging that advertises the inclusion of Android 3.1 and the Android Market.

This was found at an unnamed major electronics store. According to Logitech, boxes with these labels are not supposed to be on the sales floor yet. This label is just a sticker, but stores are not supposed to have them out yet.

It’s definitely disappointing to see these boxes advertise something the product does not yet have. Even if the update was available, you’d still have to go through the update. Most wouldn’t mind, but it might be a bit confusing for some consumers.

Looking on the bright side, this should mean the update is close to being released. We’ll have to wait some more and see what happens. Those Google TV apps are definitely building up; you should have enough for your living room big screen.

If you want to get ready, you might want to pay the 99 smackers for a new Logitech Revue. It’s a no-brainer if you want the new Google TV software without purchasing another TV. What do you guys think? Will this update finally be coming soon? Have you grown impatient yet?

Via: Logitech

Source: Engadget

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