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Samsung’s Galaxy S line breaks 30 million sold


In the battle for smartphone supremacy, one tactic used against Android is to question how many individual devices are sold instead of considering the operating system as a whole. It’s true that, for the most part, very few single Android devices make a huge dent in the overall marketshare. The original Droid was one of the first, and there haven’t been many since. Except for Samsung’s Galaxy S line.

Samsung’s Galaxy S and Galaxy S II have been hugely popular. All around the world, Samsung has really set the standard for just how good an Android device can be. Google chose the original Galaxy S as the base for the Nexus S, and it looks like the Galaxy S II will be the starting point for the Nexus Prime as well. To date, the original Galaxy S has been the iPhone’s biggest threat as far as device vs. device sales go. The impact Samsung has had on Android as a whole is almost immeasurable. Almost.

Announced in a press release today, Samsung has outed just how many Galaxy S devices have been sold around the globe. Samsung already sold some 20 million original Galaxy S phones. Numbers for the Galaxy S II are equally impressive at 10 million, or one phone a second since launch. That’s a grand total of 30 million Galaxy S devices sold. With full US availability and the holiday season right around the corner, that number will rise very quickly.

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Samsung Electronics said on Oct 17 that its flagship smartphones Galaxy S and Galaxy S2 marked the accumulated international sales of 30 million units.

Galaxy S, which has become Samsung’s representative smartphone brand, is just around the corner to hit 20 million sales. And Galaxy S2 which was introduced in last April set the fastest record to hit 10 million sales for Samsung phone (A Galaxy S2 has been sold in every second since its release) owing to its super-AMOLED display, super-fast application processor, optimized software and etc.

Galaxy S2 was also crowned as ‘Phone of the Year’ in major awards like Gadget Award 2011, Mobile Choice and Consumer Award 2011. Thanks to the international popularity of its Galaxy brothers, Samsung Electronics became the second most sold brand in the smartphone market in the second quarter of this year, and continues to lead major European markets including Germany, Italy and France.

Source: Android Central

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