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Candid shots of Transformer Prime in the wild


We’ve seen the Transformer Prime in a flashy teaser trailer and under the harsh lights of a stage, but until now we hadn’t gotten a chance to see what the Transformer Prime looks like at home with its hair dock down.

No new revelations from these images, but the keyboard dock continues to look fantastic to me. The design takes some cues from the new ASUS Zenbook, although the two tone keyboard inevitably draws some comparisons to the Macbook line. Regardless of the aesthetics, it looks like it’ll be a pleasure to type on. And ASUS has definitely given more thought to creating a device that can bridge the gap between a tablet and a netbook/laptop than any of the other manufacturers thus far.

Of course the headlining feature of the Transformer Prime is the Kal-El (aka Tegra 3) processor and its five cores. In case you’d forgotten, those sneaky NVIDIAns crammed a fifth core (which we’ve lovingly dubbed “NinjaCore”) in their quad-core processor. That means we don’t only get the crazy fast performance offered by a quad-core tablet, but there’s also a fifth core to handle light duties when you aren’t making Kal-El flex his yellow Sun enhanced muscles.

It’s this quad-core +1 architecture that allows ASUS to stretch the quoted battery life on the Transformer Prime to an insane 14.5 hours. If the new dock offers a similar battery boost to the original, that will mean over 20 hours of total use with the tablet and dock until you need to go hunting for an outlet.

One of the few pieces of information we’re still missing for the Transformer Prime is an actual release date. The official announcement is coming November 9, and it would surprise me if ASUS didn’t get this to market before the end of November.

How many of you are considering the Transformer Prime? I’d also be interested to know whether you’re planning to get the dock or if you only have eyes for the tablet.

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