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Video: HTC Sensation XL preview at CTIA

HTC Sensation XL featured

The HTC Sensation XL was announced last Thursday for the European market. Unfortunately, it’s not coming to the US. But it is definitely an amazing piece of work from HTC. Taylor and I had the chance to play around with the device for a while, and we even got a brief preview from an HTC representative.

The device looks great on paper. It has some strong specs and pleasing aesthetics. But the Sensation XL looks even better in real life. Its 4.7-inch form-factor is actually not as overwhelming as you’d imagine. The build quality is very solid. This is typical of HTC devices, which tend to feel a bit heavier. However, this is not the case with the HTC Sensation XL; the handset is surprisingly lightweight.

We had the chance to play with a few other devices, and the Sensation XL was definitely one of the lightest. Weighing 146 grams, this device is almost as light as the HTC Rhyme (a 3.7-inch device) and is much lighter than devices like the HTC Thunderbolt and the HTC Amaze 4G  (available today).

The best part of this device is the screen. It’s honestly the best display I’ve seen in any device. The colors are very bright, vibrant and saturated, and the viewing angles are simply impressive. (Head to the gallery to see viewing angles). We took some comparison images next to the Samsung Galaxy S II (King of displays) and the HTC Thunderbolt; the Sensation XL simply blows them out of the water.

One of the biggest concerns was the lack of a dual-core processor. But, with the processor clocked at 1.5 GHz, this device is much smoother than many dual-core devices on the market.

Beats technology is also included, and the device comes with the UrBeats headset. Music enthusiasts will be excited for this addition. The sound is very well optimized, but we’re not sure this would be a huge decision factor yet, at least not for most users.

Overall, the device is a huge step beyond other HTC devices and should be taken into account when purchasing your next smartphone. According to the HTC representative, this device won’t be making it to the US, but it might be worth importing. Check out the gallery and video posted below for more details, and let us know your opinions. Are any of our European readers planning to purchase an HTC Sensation XL? Would you guys be willing to import it?

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