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Video: i’m Watch prototype looking slow, releasing in January


The i’m Watch has been one of the most promising attempts at an Android-based watch. This device runs independently, while other watches cling to mom (your smartphone). For example, the Sony Ericsson LiveView cannot even tell you the time if it’s not connected to your phone via bluetooth. In this regard, the i’m Watch would probably be competing more with the MotoActv .

We’ve had big hopes for the i’m Watch. Videos have started to show up online, though, and we are less than impressed. We must take into account that these are prototype devices, so they should be improved by the release date. According to the representative in the third video, the device will be released in January 2012 starting at €300. The most expensive ones will go for €1200.

The i’m Watch CEO goes on to demonstrate a bit of what the device can do, and it seems very sluggish. It takes from 3-5 seconds to get to the home screen, and the device seems slow overall.

According to the spec sheet in the same video, the device will include a 464 MHz processor, 64 MB of RAM and Android 1.6. We’re definitely not impressed with that. This is just a watch, though, and they might be able to make it work great with those specs.

We’ll hold judgement until we see the final versions of these watches, but it seems manufacturers will need to step it up. Wrist computing is not an easy market; the product needs to be great for people to adopt it. As of now, we’re not sold on any of the options available and are hoping for more manufacturers to jump in the game with better products. Maybe a Samsung Galaxy Watch or an HTC wrist watch?

Check out the videos and let us know what you think. Are you planning to shell out €300 (around $425 USD) for one of these?

Hard-working Staff suggestions for manufacturers:

“I can’t wait ’til we see the ‘world’s thinnest smartwatch’ — the Samsung Galaxy Swatch.” – Taylor Wimberly
“You mean The Samsung Galaxy Swatch S III with Google?” – Anthony Domanico
“The Samsung DROID SWATCHZR!” – Edgar Cervantes
“THAT SHAVES YOUR FACE” – Clark Wimberly (in response to the DROID SWATCHZR)
“The Casio DROID CLCLTR will have full graphing capabilities.” – Sean Riley

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