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Video: Samsung Galaxy S II vs. iPhone 4S – Drop test of the year


The build quality and durability of the iPhone 4S should match up with that of its predecessor (iPhone 4); both devices are built with glass in the front and back. This use of glass makes the brand new Apple device very vulnerable to drops. Though we could predict the results, the guys at ElectronicsBreak still couldn’t stop themselves from performing some teeth-clenching tests.

People have been saving their cash and kids have been begging their parents for the brand new iPhone 4S. Apple sold over 4 million devices over just this past weekend. One of them was purchased only to be broken. These guys put the iPhone 4S to the test against one of the most popular Android devices of the year, the Samsung Galaxy S II with Gorilla Glass and a build quality that many complain about.

Yes, the Samsung Galaxy S II might be light, thin and have more of a “plasticky” build, but it sure beats the iPhone 4S when dropped straight onto a concrete floor. After making a round of 3 drops on each device, Samsung’s device leaves the stage with nothing but a few scratches and other minor wounds. The iPhone 4S did not have the same luck; both sides were completely shattered.

Get your popcorn ready and watch the below video. It makes for a great start to your week. Then hit the comments and let us know what you think. What device would you prefer? Do you think durability is a major factor when choosing a device? Do you have “butter fingers” and drop your phone often? Should Apple have redesigned the new iPhone to be stronger? Isn’t it great seeing the iPhone shatter?

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Source: ElectronicsBreak (Youtube)

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