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ASUS: The “Fire” isn’t hot enough, Transformer 2 going for $499

Asus tablet with Tegra 3 and Intel processor

ASUS has been one of the toughest competitors in the tablet wars this year. Bringing one of the best Honeycomb tablets in the market at one of the cheapest prices has made quite a commotion within the Android community. And let’s not forget that software updates for the ASUS devices are coming in a constant, speedy manner.

A recent announcement has all manufacturers trembling, though. Amazon’s Kindle Fire is offering some great features at the low price of $200. This beats almost every major Android tablet out there, and manufacturers are hyper-aware of this threat. Both HTC and RIM have already dropped their prices for the HTC Flyer and the Blackberry Playbook. But, while ASUS is very proud of its affordability, it’s not letting the “Fire” burn their price tags.

Asustek CEO Jerry Shen has confirmed that ASUS does not plan to lower the price of the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer anytime soon. In fact, ASUS is raising the price of the Transformer’s successor to $499. The Transformer 2 would cost $100 more than the current Transformer, which goes for $399.

ASUS is not scared of the competition that the Kindle Fire could bring. While the Kindle Fire offers a great product at its price, those who want a full tablet experience will go for a device like the Transformer 2. The 10-inch form-factor, full tablet OS (which will probably be Ice Cream Sandwich) and superior specs will have hardcore Android fans coming to manufacturers like ASUS.

Not only will this tablet probably be sporting the new Android OS, Ice Cream Sandwich, but rumors say it will also feature NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 quad-core processor. Hard core gamers will definitely want that processing power.

With the original ASUS Transformer’s success, the company is still planning to ship 1.5-2 million tablets. It seems ASUS is very sure of itself, right? With the Kindle Fire panicking every Android manufacturer out there, we’d like to know how you guys feel about this. Do you think manufacturers have something to worry about? Will Amazon’s $200 tablet satisfy your needs? Would you rather go for a Tegra 3, ICS, 10-inch device? Anyone planning to buy a Transformer 2? Heads up, we could be hearing about it during CTIA!

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Source: DigiTimes

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