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Best Buy drops price of HTC Flyer to $100 (Update: Nope)

3 years ago 50

Update: It appears someone at Best Buy might have made a boo-boo when it came to the online pricing of the HTC Flyer. According to this picture from Twitter user Nutzareus, Best Buy is hanging up signs at some of it’s stores that the $99.99 price was simply incorrect, and that the Flyer is still $299.99.  And Best Buy’s site is now showing the $299 price.

Less than a week after Best Buy announced the HTC Flyer $299 price drop, the price has been slashed again. Best Buy is now selling the HTC Flyer for a mere $99. The HTC Flyer is already sold out on Best Buy’s website, so we suggest you camp out in front of your local Best Buy store if you’re planning on picking one up. If the HTC TouchPad price drop has taught us anything, it’s extremely hard to keep tablets in stock when they are priced at $99.

To make the deal even sweeter, the price of the HTC Flyer’s digital pen has been cut to $39.99. All other accessories are still priced the same, but most people should be able to walk out of their local Best Buy with the Flyer, digital pen, case, and screen protectors for a little over $200.

Anyone who has purchased the HTC Flyer in the past week should be able to cash in on the new price reduction. We know a lot of you didn’t like the HTC Flyer because it’s running on Gingerbread rather than Honeycomb, but does the $99 price tag change your mind about HTC’s 7-inch tablet?