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Final 32GB HP TouchPads headed to Best Buy November 1 for $150


We have some good news for those of you who were unable to snatch up the HP TouchPad a few months back when the price was slashed. It turns out Best Buy will be getting a new shipment of the defunct 32 GB webOS tablet and will again be selling it for $150. But unlike before, Best Buy and HP are adding an unusual requirement for those interested in buying the tablet.

Customers who want to buy the HP TouchPad will only be able to do so if they add an HP computer to their purchase. The new purchase requirement may sound unreasonable to most, but we assume that anyone already in the market for a new desktop or laptop computer may opt for an HP product just so they can pick up the $150 32 GB HP TouchPad as well.

Best Buy will kick off the new promotion on November 1. Rumor has it that a final production run of 100,000 to 200,000 units was pushed through in an effort to clear out HP’s supply of end-of-life components. We’ don’t know if all these units will be sold through Best Buy, but we have a feeling they will be able to easily unload this final shipment in less than a week.

Yesterday, HP made an official announcement on their website for those who had signed up for updates about the $99 16GB HP TouchPad. “As you signed up for updates on the HP TouchPad, we wanted you to know that we are officially out of stock. Some retailers will have some stock available, but our online inventory is depleted.” Other rumors that surfaced yesterday indicated HP may be shutting down the webOS software group with HP by the end of the month.

The Cyanogen team has shown that the HP TouchPad can be transformed into a pretty incredible Android tablet. With Ice Cream Sandwich only a few weeks away, we expect the first Android 4.0 port to be available for the HP TouchPad before the holiday season wraps up.

Regardless of the new purchasing restrictions with the final batch, are any of you planning to camp out in front of your local Best Buy store on November 1 to guarantee you get your hands on the HP TouchPad?

Source: TechCrunch

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