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Google Books takes a trip to Europe, now available in the UK

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Google Books has been available exclusively in the US since its release. Legalities with publishers and different countries can be a bit complicated sometimes, but after months of waiting, Google Books is finally starting to head outside the US.

The first (and only, as of  now) country to get Google Books outside of the US is the UK. United Kingdom citizens will now be able to download the Google Books app, as well as access the Books section under the Android Market app. Our friends from EuroDroid mention that the browser Android Market does not yet have the Books section available, but it should definitely be coming soon.

Readers in the UK now have access to the world’s largest ebooks collection, with hundreds of thousands of ebooks for sale — from major UK publishers like Hachette, Random House and Penguin — as well as more than two million public domain ebooks for free.Google

As Google mentioned, users have over 2 million free books available. If you don’t feel ready to jump off the Kindle train (or any other e-book store you may use), just go ahead and try it out with the free books.

Google Books should start reaching the rest of the world soon. Now that the UK has received the treat, it won’t be long before it pops up in other markets–most likely the rest of Europe, as well as Asia and Latin America. For now, the rest of the world should stay patient. And UK Android users should download the app and get your read on!

Who in the UK is going to start using Google Books? Will you leave your current e-book provider? If so, was it Kindle or another e-book store?

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Source: EuroDroid

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