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Kindle Fire first day pre-orders top 95,000


In a new report from eDataSource, “a leading provider of online competitive intelligence,” it’s been estimated that Amazon has sold more than 95,000 Kindle Fires on the first day of pre-order sales alone.

By using an inbox scanning technique, eDataSource was able to scour some 800,000 inboxes the day Kindle Fire pre-orders went live to obtain a rough number of purchase receipts for analyzation. By analyzing these receipts, eDataSource “can get a read on hot product launches based on sales from leading eCommerce websites.” This isn’t the first time eDataSource would have used this method to correctly obtain first day sales numbers. The firm pegged first day sales of Apple’s iPad at 350,000. Apple later came out and said they sold “over 300,000″ on the first day alone.

So how does Amazon’s 95,000 Kindle Fires stack up? It’s too early to say if the device will be able to overthrow the iPad; we need to see first day sales numbers to know how close they’ll come to Apple’s 350,000. As far as most of the other big tablets are concerned, the Kindle Fire already has them beat. In the first month and a half of sales, the Motorola Xoom was just able to top 100,000. The BlackBerry PlayBook, already considered a flop, sold some 200,000 “during the entirety of its second fiscal quarter.” Since the Kindle’s 95,000 sales come from the first day alone, it should have no problem smashing any sales numbers the PlayBook has put up.

Even if eDataSource’s numbers are off, anything over 50,000 would be impressive. This is a sure sign that the Kindle Fire is going to be huge. Easily the iPad’s strongest competitor to date. Do you think Amazon has what it takes to beat Apple on first day sales?

Source: BGR

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