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LG will not bring Ice Cream Sandwich to Optimus 2X (Update: LG responds, still no decision on ICS)


Update: LG has contacted us to let us know they have not yet made a decision on whether to bring Ice Cream Sandwich to the Optimus 2X or G2x. LG is still testing Ice Cream Sandwich on those two devices, and the ultimate decision on whether or not these devices will see the update will depend not only on the devices’ ability to handle ICS, but also whether or not the user experience with ICS on these devices will be a good one. My sincerest apologies to readers and LG. And LG has confirmed that they still haven’t decided their ICS strategy via a Facebook post.

The folks at LG have responded to a posting on their Facebook page that the LG Optimus 2X (and, we have to assume, the G2X) will not receive an update to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Yes, the O2X was released before LG was a part of the Update Alliance, but the decision not to upgrade their flagship device, which has been out less than a year, certainly doesn’t instill confidence in LG’s ability to participate in the update alliance.

This is certainly not the first time LG has given us reason to doubt their mobile business. The G2x was pulled from T-Mobile’s website for over a month while LG tried to work out the many issues people were experiencing with the G2X. The update to Android 2.3 Gingerbread was put on hold for several weeks, and there are users still out there running Froyo on their devices (especially the Optimus 2X).

Now with the decision not to update the first dual-core Android device to Ice Cream Sandwich (even though the device is certainly capable of handling it), LG is certain to have even more trouble with its mobile business, which already saw a sharp decline of phone sales in the 3rd quarter.

Needless to say, we’re more than a bit disappointed in LG, but we do know that everyone out there has their own opinions as well. What do you guys think? Are you disappointed in how LG has handled the G2X? Will you be trusting LG with your future business?

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